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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Final 3: The Reckoning

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This mission can be either hard or easy, depending on how you try to complete it.

Best strategies i can think of are: Mass ultralisks, viper/muta, mass banelings (attacking every time you have around 200 banelings) or creeper strain swarm hosts.

I used the creeper strain swarm hosts, which is why i got the Maliagnant creep spell for kerrigan.

If you do not have the creeper strain, you can use the strategy i've used for the last few missions, mass ultralisks.

In either case, start by taking the base to the south.

Make another hatchery while you're at it.

The hyperion is going to help you this mission.

They are going to try to establish a base, and if you're unlucky, they are going to be attacked even before they are able to defend themselves.

So you might have to go help them.

Anyway, you're going to want the base to the south for the minerals and gas.

You're gonna want to make a base to the south right after you have finished of the terran outpost.

Also, the hyperion will get attacked quite often, they might need help from time to time.

You're going to want to start pushing to the south optional objective.

Also, if you're going the ultralisk route, i would recommend getting some hydras since the enemies like to make quite a few flyers.

After you finish the optional objective... army of allied forces will start attacking the terran. Every optional objective gives you different allies. This time it was the usual zerg.

After you're done with that, i recommend you start pushing to the north optional objective.

If you're using the swarm host strategy, be sure to kill the science vessels and raves. (That is, if you're using burrow on the swarm hosts, otherwise it won't matter, but i don't recommend anything but burrow)

The optional objective to the north is a bit more fortified, but it should still be easy enough with whatever strategy you opted to go for.

Doing the optional objective will set loose an allied force of infested marines and aberrations.

The Odin will attack the hyperion after some time. I managed to get in his way just when he decided to attack.

He can be really tough to kill, especially since you cannot stun him.

After you're done with Odin, you're going to want to take out the base in the middle of the map.

With some help of the hyperion, it shouldn't be hard.

After you're finished with the middle, you're gonna want to make an expansion there if you're not using the swarm host strategy, otherwise it's unneeded.

After you're done with that, you're gonna want to start pushing for the last optional objective.

The base could be a bit tough to break.

I used the Drop Pods ability for it.

After you're done with it, a huge primal zerg army will attack the castle.

Start pushing along with them.

It should be easy enough with them at your side.

You should be able to end it right here if you're using the swarm host strategy, and maybe a few runs if you're using the others.

After you've finished off the base, you should be able to easily take on the castle door.

After you're done with that...

...Congratulations! You just bear Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm!