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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Umoja 1: Lab Rat

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Welcome to my SC2: HotS walkthrough. I will be playing on Brutal difficulty.

You start off with a single drone in a cell.

Click on the drone to select it. Drones are worker units. That harvest and build structures. In almost every mission you're going to need a lot of drones.

You can move it around my right clicking anywhere.

On the bottom right there is a command card. Press on the bottom left button to view a list of building you can make.

Select the hatchery and put it on the center of the area you're in.

Now wait for it to finish.

After it is finished, more drones should arive. Left click on the ground next to them and drag the mouse over them while holding the button down.

That way, you select them all. Right click on the blue minerals to order them to harvest.

You can select the hatchery and press on the "Select Larvae" option on the command card.

The larvae is where you construct most of your units from.

Right now you can only see the drone in the list, but you cannot create it yet. If you click it, it will tell you that you do not have enough supply. Supply is how many units you can create and every unit requires a different ammount of supply. You can view your current supply status on the top right.

After a bit you will be allowed to click on the overlord while selecting the larvae. Overlords provide more supply.

After the overlord is finished, build 4 more drones.

After a bit, you will be asked to create a spawning pool. You can do that by clicking on a drone, bringing the list of building up and selecting the spawning pool.

While the spawning pool is building, create another overlord and another drone.

After the second overlord is finished, you will be able to create zerglings. Select your larvae and create as many as possible.

After they are done the gate should open.

You will see mechanical units on the other side of the bridge. You can attack them by either right clicking on one of them (Focus fire) or pressing the A key on your keyboard and left clicking on the ground (Attack move). It is usually advised to attack move instead of focus fire, especially when using melee units.

After you destroy your enemies, more zergling will come to help you.

Continue going forward with your zerglings, but remember to make more zergling and overlords from your hatchery.

If you go south, you will spot a generator and more enemies. If you destroy the generator, more zergling will reinforce you.

Continue going north and you will spot an enemy building.

Destroy it to stop your enemy from creating more units.

Going forward, you will find a room with 3 enemy units, that release gas.

They will deal damage over time to your zerglings. Destroy them as quickly as you can.

After you're done, go right to find another generator that will give you reinforcements after it's destroyed.

Going left, you will find yet another generator.

This will grant you a...

...significant ammount of reinforcements.

Going forward, you will find your mission's objective. the big robot in the middle of the room.

It should be easy enough to destroy.

Quick tip: If you destroy the Factories before finishing the mission, you will get an achievement.

After every mission you will get a mission screen with various stats.