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Starcraft Walkthrough Terran - 5: Revolution

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Move all your units down here...

Meet Kerrigan and keep going...

Destroy all enemies here.

Now, just destroy one bunker and missile tower.

Then, select Kerrigan. Use her clock skill and go in to the enemy base.

Step on that and the whole base will be yours.

Destroy the remaining bunkers.

Then, before do anything else. Select Terran Starport and upgrade so that you can build Dropship.

In the meantime, gain as much resouce as you can. Minerals is the most important. SCVs should at least 6.

Build two Dropships and many other units. Ensure that you keep training more units for reinforcement later.

Before attacking enemy base, build bunker or additional units to defend the Starport location.

Are you ready? Then, bring the Dropship here and unload all quickly. After that move out the Dropship from here. Bring more units quick.

When you think the area is secured. Then bring few SCVs to build Command Center and Refinary. Make this place to build more units. The gas you get can be used for unit's upgrade. :)

Charrrrge!! Destroy all enemies... Dont forget marines units because it can shoot air units. Destroy enemy buildings and units at the left base to end the mission. [END]