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SteamWorld Dig Walkthrough Old World - Cave Three (Again)

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Head right, climbing the ladder next to the block with TNT on top.

Jump right to the next platform ...

... then steam jump and Static Dash again to get up to the next level.

The arrow on your mini map is actually made of a bunch of loot to grab and sell.

Continue left, using the springs and dodging any acid drips.

Drop dynamite next to the TNT barrel to clear yourself a path.


Head upwards to another door.

Head left and head downwards.

Head right past the acid pools and enemies.

Use the Steam jump / Static Dash combo again ...

... and continue right.

Use the Steam Punch to knock out the weak block before you drop down ...

... which blocks the laser off for you.

Dig around to the right and down.

The next area contains a lot of weak blocks that will break as soon as you touch them.

Head down and to the left.

Avoid or deal with any enemies in your path ...

... continuing left ...

... and then deal with the next generator.

Head up the ladder to exit the door, then leave the cave.

Drop down to 839m deep and find the door in a central position.