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SteamWorld Dig Walkthrough Vectron - Cave Two

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In the cave, drop to the left then jump back up ...

... allowing the magnet to move without killing you.

Continue more left until you see the second large magnet ...

... run back again to the entrance as the magnets begin to move.

Take the low route and dig under the laser to progress to the left.

Watch out for the acid pits.

Steam jump upwards as pictured ...

... to find a handy water source if you need a top up.

Continue left, jumping past the laser beam and dropping to the left.

Head right for your next upgrade ...

... the Static Dash (also known as a double jump)!

Steam jump ...

... then Static Dash (double tap X) ...

... then wall jump to climb back up.

Head to right past the entrance to the cave.

Running jump, then Static Dash past the lasers then climb up and to the left, killing enemies as required.

Watch out for the laser ...

... speaking of which - the Static Dash lets you destroy lasers. Use this whenever possible.

Head left, then climb up and bear right.

Static Dash the laser and collect the power pick up.

Steam jump again ...

... Static Dash ...

... then wall jump again to climb up.

Destroy the fan and exit the cave.

New objective: Continue exploring.

Continue looting, levelling up and heading down.

At level 13 the town will expand, welcoming Dandy with more upgrade options.

At about 778m deep, you will find another mini cave.