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SteamWorld Dig Walkthrough Vectron - Cave One

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In the cave, head to the left avoiding the suicide robots.

Wall jump up the wall on the far left hand side.

Head up through the maze, towards the top left hand side.

Move to the right through the partial blocks, avoiding the laser beams. Sticking to the lowest route is the most effective.

Hop out on the right hand side and collect your next upgrade ...

... the Mineral Detector.

Continue right, again avoiding the enemy.

Climb up to the right and dig through downwards.

There's a laser maze to get trhough now, head right ...

... steam jump upwards ...

... jump over to the left ...

... drop down ...

... then drop between the two lasers ...

... head right and destroy the fan owering the lasers.

New objective: Continue exploring.

Head back to the exit and leave the cave.

The lasers that blocked your downward progress previously are now gone, so continue on downwards.

There's plenty to loot in Vectron - keep returning to town to sell, level up and upgrade whatever you can afford.

Continue down to around 688m depth to reach Cave Two.