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Super Mario Bros 3 Walkthrough World 1: Grass Land

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1-1: Just like the first Super Mario Bros. game, the first enemy you meet is Goomba/Kuribo. Whenever I introduce a new enemy, I will state its English/Japanese name once then from thereafter I refer to them as their English name.

The ? block on the right contains a Mushroom.

This Mushroom allows Mario to grow into Big Mario.

Meet Venus Fire Trap/Fire Pakkun. They spit fire at you, green ones have shorter stems than the Red ones. Also on this screen is a white block. Jump on it and crouch for a few seconds to sink through it and you will temporarily move along part of the background.

As you can see you met, the Koopa Troopa/Nokonoko. When you stomp on it, it hides in its shell. They come in two varieties. Green ones (Midori) walk in a straight line and turn back when they hit an object. Red ones (Akai) like the one here walk forward and turn back when they reach the edge. You can kick the shell at objects to uncover items in ? blocks or you can kill other enemies in its path.

This Super Leaf turns you into Raccoon Mario.

Clear out the remaining enemies in the way and then get a running start. As Raccoon Mario and later in the game Tanuki Mario, you can fly in the air for several seconds. Take flight here for example.

It leads to a hidden area in the clouds where this brick contains a 1-up.

When on lower ground, kick this Koopa shell to clear off some bricks.

Hit this brick to unveal a P-switch. It turns bricks into coins and vice versa unless the bricks contain an item. Further into the game this turns the invincible Munchers into coins too.

On the left is the Piranha Plant/Pakkun Flower. They pop out trying to chomp on anyone jumping onto their pipe. Green ones have smaller stems than red ones.

Once all coins are collected, take flight and fly to this pipe and go down.

Inside is a set of coins that forms the number "3"

Once out, head to the end and hit the roulette block. You can get one star, flower, or mushroom. Three mixed ones collectively result in a 1-up. Three stars is 5 lives, three flowers is 3 lives, and three mushrooms is two lives.

1-2: Here is a Super Leaf if you need it but in this pic I don't.

Meet Paragoomba/Patakuribo. They have wings but the red ones don't fly too well. The orange ones can fly better and drop Microgoombas/Mamekuribos on you. Stomping them takes away their wings and turn them back to normal Goombas.

Slide under this brick and hit it for a P-Switch.

Use the coin-turned bricks to get into this pipe after the Venus Fire Trap goes down.

This area contains a lot of 20 coins.

I purposely got hit here so I can show you the readers what will happen if you are hit when you are anything beyond Super Mario. In the US/European version, any Mario beyond Super Mario (Fire Mario, Racoon Mario, etc.) turns you back into Super Mario. It may look that's what happened here but that is part of the shrinking animation because...

I was playing the Japanese version of this game. Therefore, I had shrunk all the way down to small Mario instantly. Expect to see more regional differences in this guide. I also added an Omake section at the end of the guide to cover some stuff I had missed and extra secrets. Omake is the Japanese word for Extra. In the meantime hit the right note block for a power-up.

Slide down this slope to knock out enemies.

This note block contains a star.

This makes Mario invincible from all damage except for pitfalls, lava, time up and getting smashed on the side of the screen.

1-3: Meet Boomerang Bros. The English and Japanese names are both the same. They toss two boomerangs that return back to them. Killing them while the boomerangs are onscreen means you got to avoid them on the return trip.

Find a Super Leaf if you don't have one already and then kick the Koopa shell to the left after you stomp on it. This clears away bricks enough to...

stand here and jump to reveal this read music note block.

Get a good jump off of it to go up, up, and away.

You are in the clouds with lots of coins.

When the clouds are big, take flight and hit this brick for a 1-up.

When you are down, head to the left.

Stand on this white block and crouch for a few seconds.

You will run through the background.

Head behind the exit area to end up in a secret room.

You get a whistle from this treasure box and end the level. Japanese: ono fue fuitara tookuno kunihemo hitottobi!.. English: One toot of this flue will take you to a far away land.

1-4: This stage automatically scrolls to the right.

Jumping on this moving platform will make it fall.

This brick contains a 1-up.

Get the Super Leaf from this brick.

In this brick is 10 coins.

Kick the shell to hit this brick. There is a 1-up inside.

Collect these coins by standing on the block and falling through them.

Get the coins from this brick next.

If you got 44 coins in 1-4, the white Toad House appears.

It contains a P-wing. Japanese: are mitsukacchatta yosonihanai tokube tsunomonoba karidayo English: Hello! You found my shop of strange and wonderfl things!

1-Castle: Meet Podobo/Bubble. It likes to jump out of the lava to catch those leaping over the lava pit off guard.

Ignore this Fire Flower. You don't need it for this stage.

Meet Rotodisc/Cookie. It's a beam of light that revolves around a red circle.

Meet Dry Bones/Karon. They are skeletal versions of Koopa Troopas. Stomp on them and they will repair themselves after a few seconds.

Stomp this Dry Bones then take flight up and over this wall. Do ya'll remember this movie called "The Wizard" starring Fred Savage? His character's little brother Jimmy Woods most likely showed you this secret during the tail end of the movie first.

There is a door hidden at the end. Press Up to enter.

You will end up in a room with a whistle and the level ends.

1-5: At the start of the level, slide down this slope. For the record, that is not ice.

You will kill a ton of Buzzy Beetles/Mets. While on the subject of Buzzy Beetles, they behave like Green Koopa Troopas but they are immune to fireballs thrown by Fire Mario.

Stay on the high road and jump here to reveal a hidden red note block to take you to the bonus sky area you played in 1-3.

You drop down here. The end of the level is shortly ahead.

1-6: These platform move along a set line.

If you are Racoon Mario, run back and forth to rev up you P meter and when you get the chance, take flight at the end.

You will fly through a major shortcut in the level. Fly among the coins.

Keep mashing the jump button after the flight wears off to slow down your fall and land on safe ground and proceed to end the level.

1-Hammer Bros. Defeat this Hammer Brother by bopping it from below or swatting it with your tail.

Your prize is an invincibility star.

1-Airship: Beware of the cannon.

Meet Bullet Bill/Killer. It will fire itself in Mario's direction. If you are on top of directly next to it or its mount, it will not fire. Similar to how most Piranha Plant family members behave.

Get the Fire Flower to become Fire Mario. You can't hurt anybody in this stage but you can use it against the boss.

This multidirectional cannon fires diagoanlly and horizontally.

Larry Koopa is the first boss. Avoid his wand attacks.

Stomp on him to hurt him then avoid his shell jump attack.

Three stomps will defeat Larry Koopa and make him relinquish his wand.

Grass Land complete.