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Super Mario Bros 3 Walkthrough World 5: Sky Land - The Sky

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5-1: Meet Buster Beetle/Lift Met, cousin of Buzzy Beetle. He is not fireproof like Buzzy is and he likes to chuck ice blocks.

Get past the Chain Chomps as they can catch you slipping.

Meet Nipper Plant/Puchi Pakkun. Watch out when jumping over them because they attempt to nip Mario in the air by jumping themselves.

Go through this pipe. In the American version, this is where the level is supposed to end as the dark area + roulette appears here but in this game, you go through the pipe first.

Why was this wall removed? I don't have the P-wing here so my attempt to show you is futile. The thing is that, there is a strange bug that occurs when flying over this side of the wall and running to the left then running back and hitting the roulette for a random item even a whistle if lucky.

5-2: Start this level by entering this pipe.

There are two ways to tackle this level. You can take the high road or take the low road. I took the high road. Low road will have you falling along the coins and go into a pipe. In the low road you deal with a lot of Buzzy Beetles.

Watch out for the falling Koopa Troopas.

Slide down to kill these Goombas.

You can choose to vault over the wall but go down this pipe instead.

There are three 1-ups here.

Once again I use a star to free up item space. Go down this pipe.

An example shot of me losing my Tanooki Suit. Meet Kuribo's Goomba/Boot Kuribo. This is the only level you will find it.

Bop them from below to kill the Goomba but leave the shoe intact.

Now you can ride in the shoe and jump and stand on enemies that you couldn't stomp on before.

Lost my shoe for example purposes. It turns red when lost. In the Japanese version, any powered up Mario will revert to small Mario too. In the American version, only the shoe is lost.

Meet Muncher/Black Pakkun. They are invincible but can be turned into coins if a P-switch is hit.

Here is a 1-up. The Munchers are harmless with the Kuribo shoe on.

Wait for the fireballs to go by then proceed safely.

5-Hammer Bros duo: Bop them from below or shoot fireballs.

You get a star.

In another fight, you get a P-wing.

5-Castle: This is one tricky jump. Jump carefully.

Break these bricks and get the Super Leaf in this ? block.

Drop to the bottom and take flight to the top to reach the top.

The arrow points up indicating there are hidden 1-ups nearby up there.

Here comes triple trouble. Trick the Thwomp Trap into falling then time your jump to get by as it rises.

Jump forward then pull back to make this Thwomp Trap fall then proceed safely.

No blocks to impede your jumps in this fight here.

5-Tower: This tower leads to the other part of World 5.

Eventually you will end up outside with Piledriver Microgoombas so be on the lookout for those. This pipe leads back inside.

Go through the castle as normal and enter the pipe and you will be outside again.

Hit the 2nd ? block to raise a vine.

At the top is the pipe that leads to the next section.

This is what the sky area looks like.

5-4: Rotary Lifts abound. You might want to take flight at the start of the level so you can go to a hidden area in the clouds above.

You can swim in these waterfalls but that is not such a good idea.

If enough Spinies fill the screen, hit the roulette for a 1-up.

5-5: Now you got to deal with a level full of Donut Lifts.

Go down this pipe near the orange Paragoomba.

A Tanooki Suit awaits.

5-6: This level scrolls automatically to the right.

Meet the ParaBeetles/PataMets. They do not pose as much of a threat as the other enemies. They can be used to get a lift to higher places.

Careful as you move along these platforms. There is a P switch nearby that will turn some coins to bricks to use at platforms.

I failed to do that hear but this is the spot I am talking about. Meet Fire Chomp/Keronpa. They spit fireballs and when they run out of fireballs, they explode.

5-7: In this level, you will find a star. If you manage to move fast enough, you can collect an invincibility star throughout the whole level otherwise they become regular coins if the previous invincibility wore off. This spot is one of the places for a star. Another thing to note is that if you go down this pipe. You access a secret area.

This is another. Again, I waisted my invincibility but here is where the next star would have been.

Wait for all enemies to be cleared out before entering the pipe.

5-Hammer Bros. Duo: Same fight as before with a fancy cloud background.

You get a Music Block.

5-Castle 2: Jump carefully not to land in the lava and enter the pipe.

The Podobos are tricky here. While the usual one jump out of the lava, others come from the ceiling and float back up.

There is a star in one of these ? blocks. Now the Podobos can't hurt you.

There is a Boo Diddley but I put this picture up because it cool doing somersaults after the invincibility wears off and you are using the slow fall to flip down to the ground.

I don't show it here but at the end, if you jump up the right side of the pipe you will get stuck and if you touch the top as small Mario, you get crushed and will die. You also die if you touch the top while crouching with other Marios.

Same old fight as before with an added lava background below for decorative purposes.

5-8: Lakitu is on a rampage. Jump through the clouds carefully.

Once again hold out you got enough Spinies on screen and hit the roulette for a possible 1-up.

5-9: This level moves up and to the right automatically.

Get Fire Chomp out of the way as soon as possible.

Now you can end this level.

5-Airship: The cannons here are not so bad this time around.

But the Bullet Bills make things a little bit harder.

Roy Koopa is a heavy guy. The ground shakes when he lands from a jump and stuns Mario if he is on the ground.

Sky Land/The Sky completed.