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Super Mario Bros 3 Walkthrough World 7: Pipe Land - Pipe Maze

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7-1: Into the door you go.

Go up every which pipe you can as long it takes you upward.

The side Piranha Plants come out no matter what.

7-2: If you have a Frog Suit left, use it if you want the final White Toad House.

Here is an example of Hammer Mario being immune to fireballs while crouching.

Go down this pipe.

When you come up, kill the Paratroopa.

Jump up to make the note blocks appear.

Then come back around and get through the area.

Go down this pipe at the end.

It leads to the end of the level.

7-3: There is a star at the start of the level. This is another level where you try to keep your invincibility riding throughout the whole level. The second star is here.

As before, the invincibility star no longer show if you let the invincibility wear off before getting it. It would have shown up here.

Another 1-up opportunity.

7-4: You can enter either pipe. It doesn't matter.

Meet Spiny Cheep Cheep/Togepuku. Looks like a Cheep Cheep in blackface to me.

Swim carefully through this school of Jelectros as this level scrolls by itself.

Watch out for Big Bertha here.

7-5: Enter either pipe here.

This stage is more of a maze.

Some spots reveal a hidden coin if you try to get on higher ground.

At least you can use them for platform when you run by them again.

If you end up here, watch out for the Bob-omb as it is not enough room to jump over it.

Once the platforms are put into place, you can freely move on.

7-6: Go out one side of the screen to come out through the other and make an upward climb.

Guide the directional platform upwards carefully.

On the upward only platform, move back and forth through these blocks.

Then jump to the right and up this pipe.

Next try to guide this platform to the top.

Avoid getting hit by the Piranha Plants coming from the sides.

Eventually you are at the top and this pipe leads to the level's end.

Another map view

7-Castle: It is easy to get lost here but it takes a few seconds to find your through.

First find the P-switch among the bricks at the start. Use the picture as a guide to wear it is. It makes a door appear too.

In the door is a pipe that leads to...

a Tanooki Suit.

You need to fly up to the top to exit to the boss room.

Defeat Boom Boom yet again. As you can see it was a close shave for me as I got lost.

7-Plant: This level is full of plants. It is on the map and acts like the Hammer Bros. on the map.

The Munchers pop in and out of pipes in pairs and in a set pattern.

Go down this pipe at the end.

Get a P-wing as a prize.

7-7: This level is another invincibility star marathon. With the level full of Munchers you need to be extra quick.

I was not quick enough but I was near the end when I lost my invincibility and my suit.

7-8: Jump over the gap when the Piranha Plant goes up.

Get the star quick and get moving.

Another spot where you can move along the background.

Get away from this Nipper quickly.

Jump along these platform carefully or you will fall into the plants.

This Nipper actually spits fireballs. Avoid them then try to get to the upper platform quickly.

7-9: Jump through the cracks in these platforms to get to the very top.

This is the midpoint here. Jump over the wall to the right and go left and start chucking ice blocks.

Now you just got to carefully make your way downward.

Chuck these ice blocks to clear paths.

This pipe leads to the end of the level.

7-Castle 2: Wait for the Piranha Plant to go down and jump into the pipe.

This brick has a star in it.

Watch out for Boo Diddley creeping in from behind.

Sometimes they will try to gang up on you.

You must do a curving jump to land on this pipe or you will be taking a lava bath.

Let the Dry Bones go past before sliding under the wall.

Boom Boom again. Don't let the blocks impede you.

7-Plant 2: Again, the Munchers pop in and out of pipes in a set pattern.

Watch that pattern thoroughly.

The note blocks provide a little help.

You get a Mushroom at the end.

7-Airship: The jet fuel engines get in the way here. Ignore the bolt and break for solid ground.

Get rid of the Rocky Wrenches as they appear.

Slide under this wall here or get crushed to death.

Ludwig von Koopa attacks just like the others and has Roy's ground shaking properties.

Pipe Land/Pipe Maze completed.