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Super Mario Bros 3 Walkthrough World 8: Dark Land - Castle of Koopa

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8-Tank: Grab a P-wing and just take flight for the whole level. Nothing will stop you.

Just drop down at the end and enter the pipe.

Kill this Boomerang Bro.

You get a star.

8-Ship: Avoid all the wrenches thrown by Rocky Wrench.

It is okay to take a dip in the pool for this first ship and swim under it.

As long as you keep swimming you are safe.

Don't swim under the second ship in the Japanese version. The ship won't let you get up there. English version is ok as that block on the right is gone. Here I decided to drown myself rather than Time Out.

Defeat Boom Boom to move on.

Another part of World 8.

8-Hand Trap 1: You fight all kinds of the Hammer Bros. family. First is the Fire Brother.

Next are the Hammer Bros. duo.

Then you fight the Boomerang Bros.

Finally you fight the Sledge Brother.

You get a Super Leaf.

8-Hand Trap 2: Jump on these platforms and avoid the Podobos.

Another Super Leaf.

8-Hand Trap 3: This time Cheep Cheeps come to play.

Slide under this low wall.

Once again you get a Super Leaf.

8-Jet: This jet level is super fast. Too hell with this. Bust out your P-wing and fly to the end.

Drop down and the end and enter the pipe.

Defeat Boom Boom from the air.

It's Dark in here.

8-1: Take flight at the start of the level.

You will land on this pipe. Go down it.

Three 1-ups. YAY!!!

When you get out, grab a Koopa Shell if you need protection from Bullet Bills and take flight.

You will land around the exit. Get points from the lingering Bullet Bills.

8-2: Sink down at the start of the level. You won't die.

You'll end up here. Go down the right pipe.

It has several coins. The other pipe will be covered in the Omake section.

You come out between these two Venus Fire Traps. Be careful of the fireballs.

WIth one good jump, you don't need to use these note blocks. Just use the Raccoon slow landing.

What a wonderful way to finish the last action stage of the game.

8-Castle: Enter this upper door.

You will come across a floating door.

Make the hidden coins appear to provide a platform to get in the door.

Clear the bricks on the left of the H to enter the door.

Don't let the platform dump you into the lava.

This Thwomp Trap moves diagonally.

If you get close enough, you can touch the Thwomp Trap without getting hurt and hit this brick to reveal a 1-up and let it come to you.

Go back through the door and make it to this door.

Hit the P-switch here.

It clears the way to get another P-switch but watch out for Thwomp Traps.

Don't hit the P-switch yet. Enter the previous door below it for this powerup if needed.

Hit the P-switch and enter what was a hidden door earlier.

Duck down and let the platform carry you to the right and face Boom Boom again.

This Boom Boom fight takes place on the moving floor.

Final map of the game.

8-Tank 2: Cannons blastng from everywhere. P-wing is useless here so I didn't use it.

Bob-ombs explode by themselves in World 8 as a hole.

Time to take on Boom Boom for the last time.

The final Boom Boom fight is a doozy.

I started with a star so I blew past these statues that shoot lasers. Not all statues in this level shoot lasers.

Ride up the elevator to the top and ignore the door that was down there.

Stay on this donut lift until you see the opening and go through it.

Go up the "staircase" while you avoid the Rotodiscs.

Avoid the Podobos as you negotiate these Donut Lifts.

Take the upper road.

One of the statues shoots a laser. Watch out for it.

You are getting close. You see Bowser's bad breath as you approach.

The fight is on. If you have Hammer or Fire Mario, you can kill him with your projectiles. Hammers kill him in no more than 3 seconds. Without projectiles, you must make him kill himself.

Avoid his fireballs and make him land in one spot three times and he will fall through the floor to his death.

Enter the door and Princess Toadstool/Peach is saved.

Japanese: arigatou! yatto kinokono sekaini hei wagamodo rimashita. ------------ oshimai! English: Thank you Mario but our Princess is in another castle! Just kidding! Ha Ha Ha! Bye Bye! Actual English Translation: Thank you! Finally, peace returns to the Mushroom World. The end!

The End. But there is more to show you. Don't go away.

Omake section

Get enough points and the N-card appears on the map where you can play a card match making game.

Card match game. Miss twice and you are out.

Slot game. Match Mushroom for 2 lives. Flower for 3 lives. Star for 5 lives.

3-7: Go up this red note block.

This is a special coin heaven.

At the end is a chest with a Jugem Cloud and end the level.

If you take flight against the flying Boom Boom, he may leave the area and leave you stuck there till time out.

5-1: Fly into this pipe above the level start.

There are two things you can do. If you go down the lower pipe. You end up in an area with a P-switch that makes 2 sets of individual coins shaped like 3s. But if you crouch and fly through the crawlspace...

You get a Music Block and end the level

Match the coins in a multiple of 11 with the last two digits of time by a multiple of 11.

The Hammer Bros. turns into a treasure ship o the map. Works on some levels.

This is the treasure ship level. No enemies. Just lots of coins. You die only by timeout or being crushed.

You fight two Boomerang Bros. at the end and get a star as a prize.

In the Japanese version, Mario enters the fortress and stands at the far left. In America, he is at the stairs.

1-Castle: Door before Boom Boom room. (Japanese on left, American on right.) [From]