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Super Mario Bros 3 Walkthrough World 4: Giant Land - Big Island

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Another view of the map. As you can see the pipe at the start of the world takes you hear from the start.

4-1: Whoah Nelly! Everything is gigantic! Here we have a Piranhacus Giganticus/Kyodai Pakkun Flower. It is a giant version of the Piranha Plant.

This is a Grand Goomba/Kyodai Kuribo.

Next is a Gargantua Koopa Troopa/Kyodai Nokonoko.

and a Colossal Koopa Paratroopa/Kyodai Patapata.

Use this Koopa Shell to hit this coin block here. One thing I should not is that breaking a giant brick shatters it into four regular bricks as it fall of the screen.

4-2: The level rises and sinks but you don't have to worry about Big Boss Bass from here on out in these type of levels.

Wait for the water to rise to its apex before hitting this P-switch because you need all coins to get the White Toad house.

Get this star as soon as possible..

4--3: Meet Sledge Bros./Himan Bros. They attack just like the Hammer Bros except they can stun Mario if they land from a jump.

Defeat the second one and go inside either pipe.

Don't get bowled over by the upside down Buzzy Beetle.

The upside down Spiny behaves just like the Buzzy Beetle in the same situation except they still can't be jumped on to be stopped even if it is their unspiked underside. They can be swatted with the tail and kicked into enemies and objects.

Hit this brick to unleash the 1-up and track it down to catch it.

4-Sledge Brother: You fight three Sledge Bros on the map and I will list the prizes you get from all three.

Jugem's Cloud from the first.

P-wing from the second.

Star from the third.

I started this level with invincibity because I wanted to free up the item slot a little. Meet Hot Foot/Walk. A walking candle flame. Like Boo Diddley, it sneaks up on you when you are walking away from it and stops when you face it.

This Thwomp Trap attacks sideways. Let it go past then proceed forward.

Get a running start and slide under this low block.

In this Boom Boom fight. Don't get caught underneath this platform.

4-4: The water slows down the Spiny Eggs decent.

Swim downward at the wall. The Lakitu won't bother you for now.

Stay low and you should make it to the exit pipe easier.

4-5: Take flight at the start with a P-wing. Time to learn another trick that I won't wait to show in the Omake section.

When you reach this cloud, go up the pipe.

You now havea Tanooki Suit.

If you came into any level via P-wing, get a Tanooki Suit whether here or another level and it will retain its P-Wing properties and thus you have infinite flight with your Tanooki suit.

Hit the P-switch in that same room and collect those blue coins.

Meet Missile Bill/U-turn Killer. It will fly past Mario then turn back to attack again only once.

4-6: Holding down and pressing B will turn Tanooki Mario into Statue Mario and grants invincibility for up to five seconds.

Get rid of the Bricks and the Gargantua Koopa Trooa and some bricks to get this 1-up.

Going through doors in this level switches enemies from being big to small and vice versa.

Use the star to plow through enemies.

Another 1-up to collect.

Use the Statue Mario stomp on these Piranhacus Giganticus to see a weird bug.

Once again, time to deal with deadly lava. Don't stay on the donut lifts too long.

Hit the P-switch to reveal hidden coins and reveal a hidden door.

Now you are in a pipe maze trying to make it to the top.

Whenever you see a block with a ! mark, jump onto it to change its direction.

Going out one side of the screen to come out through the other.

Once at the top, enter the pipe then in this next room are two hidden coins blocks with the second coin to the upper left of the other then hit the brick for the 1-up.

Alternatively, you can fly up to the brick to get it.

In the next room, hit this giant ? block for three 1-ups then...

Fly up the left side for several more coins.

This Boom Boom has more blocks to make things harder as they are scattered.

4-Airship: This airship coins a lot more jet fuel flames.

Ignore the bolt and jump in-between the jet fuel flames between flares.

Use Statue Mario when needed.

It gets hard to see towards the end so duck here just to be safe.

Iggy Koopa is a little faster than the previous bosses and the terrain is more crooked.

Giant Land/Big Island completed.

Japanese: shinsetsuna Tanuki-san! doumoarigatou onamae wo kikasetekudasai. English: Thank you, kind raccoon. Please tell me your name.