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Super Mario Bros Walkthrough World 5

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World 5-1 is another level that gives you the opportunity to show off your running skills, if you're good enough. (Be warned, all the fun and games ends starting at World 5, as it gets a lot tougher from here on out).

Jump on this Troopa twice to send it flying into...


...and Troopas until you get to the pipe. Or, if you'd rather play it safe, simply jump over everthing, or destroy them with fire balls.

After the pit and pipe, a Paratroopa gives the you the opportunity to start again. This time, you'll run into...


...more Goombas...

...and one last Paratroopa before a wall.

The middle of those bricks has a star in it.. Feel free to pick it up and go crazy on any enemies you see.

A few more Goombas here.

Up ahead here is the first Cannon that fires Bullet Bills at you. These guys are immune to fireballs, but can be taken out any other way. They are worth 100pts each, and move about the same rate that Mario walks. They're not so bad now, but just wait and see what you have to do later.

After that, you have some more Goombas...

... a Troopa,...

...and more Goombas and Troopas. Hopefully, the star hasn't run out yet.

If you've managed to get through all of without taking damage, an invisible block with a one up will be in the space between the wall and the bricks. (Also, if you can manage to get into that pipe over there, it'll take you to Coin Room E).

Be careful of the Bullet Bills.

A pipe right there as well as another Cannon.

And don't let that Paratroopa catch you off guard either. There is another one right after this one too.

Once you're past them, though, it's just a straight shot to the flag.

The Bullet Bills won't disappear until you have touched the flag, though.

World 5-2 is another Overworld, that requires a little more patience and concentration, rather than speed.

Don't let those cannons suprise you. It might seem like they shoot in an irregular fashion, but they're actually pretty easy to avoid.

There's also a Troopa down there that shouldn't cause an problems.

Take the Springboard to the top set of bricks, or, if you're feeling pretty comfortable about it, you can try and make the middle set.

As well as the coins, you can also get a power up on the farthermost brick on the top if you had taken the middle path.

Jump over the Paratroopa, and get ready to face a Hammer Bro. These guys are no pushovers, and are probably the most dangerous enemy you'll meet in this game. As such, they are worth 1000pts, and, while can be killed in all the usual ways, throw hammers multiple times, multiple distances, and move in irregular fashion. If you are fully powered up, they are usually no problem with fire power, but, if not, do your best to avoid him.

Once that's taken care of, continue onwards, watching out for the two Goombas coming down the stairs. (Swim Area A can be found by going down this pipe).

Careful of the pit as you go up the stairs.

This Hammer Bros is slightly easier than the previous one. If you don't have fire power, wait until he jumps up on to the Q blocks, and quickly make a dash for the other side. Those Q blocks only have coins anyway.

A couple of spaces over from the last Q Block is an invisible block. Jump on it, and then bump Mario's head against the right most brick on the top set to reveal a vine. (The vine will take you to Coin Heaven A).

You can cross the path from the bottom, but I find it safer and easier to cross from the set of bricks right next to the pit.

Another Paratroopa and Cannon in front.

Afterwards, there is a pipe and not just one...

...but two Hammer Bros. Wait for the both of them to be off the ground before you make your dash across. Or you could try and destroy them if you so choose.

You might be intereted to know, though, that the last brick on the top set contains a star.

Whatever you decide to do, jump over the gap and wall, trying not to run into the Buzzy Beetles in the process.

If you are small, walk under and hit the first brick to get 10 coins. The other brick has a power up. If you are big, you can use Mario's momentum from walking and running while crouching to slide underneath the bricks to get what's contained in them.

Jump from bricks to bricks, or if you prefer, jump from bricks to ground.

The Troopa on the top half might catch you off guard at first, but it's better than trying to deal with the Goomba and two Paratroopas.

That brick by itself has a power up.

Once again you can try to jump from brick to bricks, or go from ground to pipe. Ground to pipe, in this situation is the easiest and safest route, so long as a Piranha Plant doesn't eat you.

Once last Paratroopa...

...before you take the stairs... the next flag.

World 5-3 is identical to World 1-3 with only one crucial difference.

There will be random Bullet Bills flying towards you on certain parts of the screen the entire level.

Many of the same strategies and tips shared previosly still technically apply here, only it is important that you have more patience before you start jumping around, as you could easily run into a Bullet Bill that's coming right at you.

For instance, waiting until you can jump over or on to the Bullet Bill before proceeding is the best way to ensure your safety in this level.

The same applies for jumping down.

Jumping on platforms requries the same reasoning.

Basically, any time you go to make a jump, you should be wary of where the next Bullet Bill will show up.

Because the whole process is random, you never know when the time to be patient is...

...and when the time to act is, until you know exactly where the next Bullet Bill is, and if it is far enough away for you to safely make your jumps.

Probably the most dangerous part of this new feature is on these two platforms.

Do your best to avoid the Bullet Bills if possible without having to jump over them, as the platforms will still move underneath you.

Once you've gotten that part, the rest of the level shouldn't be as bad.

Just be careful you don't run into that Troopa as well as the Bullet Bills when you've come this far.

Also, watch out for this jump too, as you want to time it when the Parartroopa is down below, as well as the Bullet Bill being out of the way in order to safely get across.

Once you've done that, though, the rest of the level is smooth sailing...

... all the way to the steps, (where Bullet Bills will no longer appear)... the flag.

This castle features many new obstacles and problems for you and Mario.

The first one is the firebar.

It is twice as long as all the other firebars, and is nearly impossible to avoid unless you jump while standing on the Q Block. That, plus all the Podoboos means you want to get through this area as quickly as possible. The power up in the Q Block is simply not worth the effort.

After that, I'd suggest going through the top path.

There aren't as many firebars this way, and, plus, they aren't as close together either.

They are still pretty close though, and you'll have to get through five of them before the end of the hallway. The lower path has six firebars to contend with.

After the last one, stay next to this wall, and pay attention to the next firebar as well as the elevator platforms.

As soon as the firebar is out of the way, run forward, and, this is important, do not hesitate when going from elevator to elevator, because then you will either fall off, or will be taken to the ceiling or ground respectively.

Just make sure you have plenty of room to clear this last firebar.

Going above the fire bar here is far safer than trying to go underneath. Also, be warned, as you can see, the fireballs will start to come your way.

This area right here is safe, so pay attention to the Podoboos as well as the fireballs, and time your jumps so you don't hit them.

A couple more safe zones here for you.

Podoboos will start to assault you now as well as the fireballs. With that brick ceiling above you, there is little room to jump.

Either jump over him or run under him. Just make sure you get the switch so you can send him to his death, and we can reunite with our princess.

Well... we would do that if this was the right castle... (typical)