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Super Mario Bros Walkthrough World 7

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World 7-1 starts with an Overworld setting. By the way, if you're not a fan of Cannons or Hammer Bros., then you're definitely not going to like what's coming up.

Starting off, you got a cannon and a Paratroopa. Ignore them both.

Then you got a cannon on top of another Cannon. Get used to that as you'll be seeing them a lot. The brick on the left has a power up.

Another two Cannons and a Paratroopa. The Q Blocks have coins so just keep on moving.

More cannons and another Paratroopa.

Not exactly the best situation to be in right now; there are cannons on all sides plus a Paratroopa. If you want, there are 10 coins in that brick directly to the right of the cannon. But, if I were you, I would get out of there as quickly as possible.

After that, there is a pit and a pipe.

Afterwhich, you get to deal with more Hammer Bros. The same strategy applies to these guys, however, they can now jump from the bottom all the way to the top and vice versa, so watch out for that.

As soon as they leave your line of sight, stop, for they won't follow you. Jump on the pipe and then jump again on the left side to reveal a one up inside an invisible block. (This pipe will also take you to Coin Room A).

After that pipe is a cannon, with more pipes, and a Troopa.

There's another Cannon right after that.

Now, here is another pipe and your last set of Hammer Bros. Go for the same strategy, and get out of there as fast as possible.

Another couple of cannons here, your last set before the end. (Yay!)

Use the springboard, and jump to the lone brick to reveal a power up. After that...

... probably thought that was the last staircase. But no, you have another Buzzy Beetle to contend with before... can get to the flag.

Another one of these huh? Hmmm....

Yep, they gave you another Underwater setting before the last level. This one is identical to World 2-2, only it's got quite a few more enemies to avoid.

As with all the other repeat levels, many of the same strategies can be used here as they were used in World 2-2.

Two Bloopers will be in your way before you get to this structure.

There will be two more Bloopers over here.

One of the easiest ways to avoid enemies is either stay in the bottom or the top. The enemies move rather slowly, so it is easy to get past them so long as you stay out of their way.

After the pit, thing's will start getting more crowded.

Do your best to avoid them by staying on the ground and waiting for the Cheep-Cheeps to pass, and then pass under the Bloopers to get out of there.

After that, there'll be a wide open area filled with Cheep-Cheeps and Bloopers. Try and not weave in and out of them as you will more likely get hit.

Just do what you can to stay out of their way. Lucikly, the only way for these things to hurt you is if you touch them.

This can be quite tricky, especially with Cheep-Cheeps blocking your way out. So long as you keep tapping A to keep yourself from sinking, you should be able to get the Cheep-Cheep to pass you, allowing you to escape.

A bunch more enemies welcomes you here. Avoid them, or wait for them to pass, then proceed.

If you're having issues with that Blooper, sometimes, it'll move more towards the right, allowing you to get up and out of there.

You're almost done, just avoid a few last Cheep-Cheeps...

...Bloopers, and more Cheep-Cheeps.

Overall, this level is very claustrophobic, and if you don't have a power up, it can seem overwhelming. However, patience is good, just don't be too patient that you miss opportunities.

Anyway, get out of there, and onto the flag.

If they were going to show off another Underwater setting, then they got to show off another one of these Athletic settings.

World 7-3 is identical to World 2-3, with just one slight difference.

You will now encounter Troopas...

... and Paratroopas. This makes it so that simply running and jumping will not work now that you have some other obstacles in your way.

Jump over this pit here...

...and here...

...and finally here to...

get to a Q Block with a power up.

Continue onwards...

...taking care of to not fall off that platform...

...jumping from here... here...

...until you get here. All the while doing so you'll be constantly avoiding the Flying Cheep-Cheeps, Troopas, and Paratroopas. Running and jumping are still your two best friends in this level, despite the added enemies.

Care with these jumps, as always. Just make sure you try not to stop.

After that, it's a clear shot... the stairs...

...and then the end.

World 7-4 is very similar to World 4-4. (You might notice a growing trend here).

These platforms here will fall as soon as you touch them, so time your jumps with the falling Podoboos and do not hesitate.

Back to the path splitting. You'll want to take the bottom path first...

...then the middle one...

...and finally the top one to move on.

With with the next one, start on top (careful to avoid the firebar)...

...then the middle...

...and, finally, the top one again to proceed.

After that, you'll get to the safe areas, as fire balls will start coming towards you.

All that Bowser has this time are hammers, fire balls, and Podoboos. Since there are no obstructions above you, now would be a good time to try jumping over him. You can also use all the other same techniques to bring him down.

Get the switch...

...and find out our princess is still in another castle. Don't worry, there's only one last World to take on.