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Super Mario Bros Walkthrough World 2

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So, on to World 2-1. This first level is in the Overworld setting.

Starting off, the middle of those bricks contains a power up.

Just make sure you watch out for the Goomba on the stairs.

The very first brick shown contains an extra life. It's hard to get to, especially when dealing with those Koopas down below. Directly underneath that brick, and about level with with the second to last stair on the right, there is an invisible block that can be activated to get to the one up.

Two more Goombas here...

... as well as a pipe with a piranha plant in it.

Now, once again, take care not to run ahead as you could easily get hit by that Koopa, who drops down off the bottom set of Q blocks. Speaking of Q blocks, the first one on the bottom contains a power up, while the rest contain coins.

You're gonna want to walk carefully here, as a set of two Goombas, one Koopa Troopa, and three more Goombas will be coming your way in close succession. Not a good idea to try and ignore them, so it's best to just take them out one at a time, either by jumping or using your fire power.

When you get to this set of bricks, there'll probably be some Goombas left, so you may be able to skip them and happily proceed onwards. However, the first brick on the top set contains a star, so, decide what you think is safest to do, and then proceed.

That pipe has a piranha plant in it.

"All those Q blocks have coins in them, however they provide safer travel than trying to deal with those Goombas with such little jumping room.

You can try to jump onto those bricks to get across, but you have plenty of room to jump from the ground, and it is a lot easier. Just make you don't accidently run into that Goomba.

(If you missed Coin Heaven A, or it was to difficult to get to, this pipe will take you to Coin Room A. I highly advise taking it, especially with all the stuff that's about to come up. Just be warned that there is also a piranha plant in that pipe, so watch when you jump.)

Jumping over here isn't too much trouble, so long as you pay heed to the Goomba and Piranha Plant.

Another Goomba to cause you troubles, as well as another Piranha Plant. That one's not so easy to take out with Fire Power either.

The first one I've already mentioned, but those two pipes also contain Piranha Plants. It would be in your best interests to just take the bricks across, and not have to worry about them. However, if you desperately need a power up, the first brick that Mario is about to jump on has one.

Just be careful where you jump, as there is a Koopa down there...

... as well as a pit not far way from the pipe.

The Paratroopa can get a little annoying. Just time your jumps or use fire power to get rid of it and move on.

Get a little more height on your jumps if you want to clear this. Holding B while make you jump higher and farther, as stated earlier.

Those two Goombas shouldn't be too much trouble. Even more important is the ten coins you can get by jumping into that lone brick consecutively.

If you want to avoid the Paratroopas, your best bet is to take the bricks above them. Down below, the Q block has a coin. More importantly, however, the lone brick on the right has a power up, if you need it.

Typical, that pipe has a Piranha Plant. Also, typical, watch where you jump so you don't get hit by that Koopa.

There are two ways to get over this wall. You can either jump while on the springboard to get some extra heighth, or you can jump on to the right most brick, and jump up to reveal a hidden block that can also take you over the wall. Just using the springboard is what I prefer.

This wall also takes you to the end of the level.

On to World 2-2

Another one of these cutscenes, that'll take you somewhere different than expected.

"That's right! World 2-2 is the very first water setting in the game. The controls are roughly the same, though you'll be doing a lot more swimming and floating, rather than walking and running. Since enemies can be almost anywhere now as well as the decrease in traction, be extra cautious while traversing these watery depths.

Two coins on the bottom as well as your first water enemy, the Blooper, worth 200pts. These things will float up and down in a somewhat erratic fashion, so use extra caution. Also, before I forget, since jumping is impossible in the water, enemies can only be destroyed by fire power or invincibility. Bare that in mind as you go through this level.

Three more easy coins here.

Three more coins and a Blooper. Staying close to the top or bottom can often times be the safest way to get through this area, especially if you are in a hurry or do not have any power ups.

Another Blooper over here.

"Three more coins and an underwater pit.

Over here there are some new enemies, the Cheep-Cheep, worth 200pts. There are two variations to this enemy: gray and red. The gray ones move slower than the red ones, so, predictably, they're easier to avoid. Just avoid getting careless.

We have three more Cheep-Cheeps and two more Bloopers here. This is a really dangerous situation to be in, especially if you are small. Take it as slow as you can, while using every advantage and opening you can to get through. Hesitation will only hurt you, so be brave, bold, and you'll be alright.

Once you get through that mess, there'll be two more Cheep-Cheeps to worry about. Bloopers will follow you if you do not scroll them out of your sight, so don't be suprised when they don't go away, as those two didn't. You can try for those coins, but the most important part of this level is to stay safe, and get through it alive.

A couple more Cheep-Cheeps and some coins to take note of.

After that, there'll be, suprise suprise, more Cheep-Cheeps, as well as a pit. If you're feeling like a daredevil, go ahead and get those coins. Otherwise, we're moving right along.

Two more Cheep-Cheeps.

Another Cheep-Cheep along with six coins if you're REALLY feeling like a daredevil.

Three more... (Don't worry, we're almost to the end.)

Two more to see you off. Take the pipe to get out of here. (Woo-hoo)

Identical to what you did in World 1-2.

Take the flag to World 2-3.

Here, in scenic World 2-3, we've got another athletic scene.

This time, the athleticism comes from running, instead of jumping.

This can be very difficult, especially if you don't know the level too well. Here, hesitation is your worst enemy. Either go at a run, walk, or a mixture of both, but do not stop, whatever you do.

Those Cheep-Cheeps in the air are aptly named Flying Cheep-Cheeps, and can come from anywhere underneath you. They will suprise you at any given moment and are fast, which is why it is important to keep moving at all times. All of the usual moves can destroy them, but your best bet is to ignore them.

Coins will also appear sporadically around in the air, but are only for the brave at heart.

Five more coins after those four.

Right after the five coins is a pit. Unfortunately, due to it being Mario after all, jumping occurs in this level. Just do not hesitate and just jump; you are more likely to be hit when you hesitate.

Four more coins with another pit.

Three more coins and another pit. That Q block has a power up for the daredevils.

Three more coins (I already picked one up), while jumping on to one of those tree top platforms.

Those small platforms are a pain, but you got to jump on it. Try not to hesitate.

Six more coins here...

...afterwhich, you get four more coins.

When you get to here, if you have to hesitate, do so at the greatest caution. Those Flying Cheep-Cheeps are merciless, so get across these three platforms as fast as you can, and continue onwards. I would skip the coins if I were you.

Luckily, after you clear that, you're almost to the end.

Run down the stairs...

...just make sure that last pit doesn't catch you by surpise.

At long last, up the stairs you go to the flag. All that's left is the castle now.

Welcome to World 2-4 Castle setting.

Here, there is a new enemy. It is indestructible, inescapable, and is called the Podoboo. Only way to survive is to ignore them when they return to the lava.

That Q block has a power up in it. Just be careful you don't accidently fall in the lava.

Another Podoboo before a split path.

I sugget taking the lower one. (You'll see in a bit).

There are three firebars in this hallway. Taking the upper path makes you deal with all three, while the lower path only makes you deal with two.

One more firebar before the end of the hallway.

This can get a little complicated. There are two elevators here with smallish platforms that go up and down respectively. Unfortunately, that firebar won't let you hang out for long, so jump as soon as you see the platform come up and hopefully the lack of traction won't cause you to slide to far.

Not only that, but there is another firebar here as well as fireballs being shot at you, so be extra careful when you jump, just not too careful that the elevator takes you off screen.

Here is a little safe spot for you with coins before the fight where the fire balls can't get you. Make good use of the lack of good traction by getting a running start, ducking, and letting your momentum carry you under the block to get the coins.

These two pits with the small platforms can pose a slight problem. So long as you time your jumps after the fire comes, you'll be alright.

Two more safe spots until...

...Bowser! This time, however, there are bricks abover you, so jumping is a lot riskier now. Your best bet is to either pelt fire balls at him or run under him while he's in the air to cut the floor beneath him.

Whichever you choose, take him out and move on to reunite with your princess.

But, wait a minute! She's not here either! Oh well, I guess that means we got to go to World 3 now.