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Team Fortress 2 Walkthrough Other Classes

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There we have it; you've finished all the tutorials and training levels! While you know how to play the game, it is still not recommended to just jump right into online matches with real players.

"Now that you know how to play, let's practice on some bots! Offline practice is a great place to start learning how everything works in a proper game, without embarrassing yourself in front of other people. To start a game of Offline practice, click the Training button on the main menu, but pick Offline practice instead of Basic Training.

"A new menu will appear which will let you pick the game mode you want to play. I'll explain the different game modes later in this guide, so best stick with control points for now.

"After choosing the game mode, you can pick what map you want to play, and change some basic settings. I would suggest sticking with Dustbowl (the map you played in training) for now, but feel free to try Granary. For difficulty, I would suggest easy, but pick normal if you're up for a challenging fight. Feel free to change the amount of bots too, but 20 makes for a well rounded match.

"I can't really make a guide on how to win on proper games, so instead I'll go over the other classes the training missed. First up is the Scout, a low health but really fast class.

"His weapons include the Scattergun (a better shotgun), a pistol and a baseball bat. He runs a lot faster than every other class, and can double jump. He also captures control points (or pushes a payload cart) twice as fast as any other class. His speed allows for easy dodging, making up for his low health, and his scattergun can deal a lot of damage up close.

"Next up, the Pyro. His only ability is his inability to be set on fire , but he has unique fire weaponry which makes up for it. The Pyro is equipped with a Flamethrower, a shotgun and a fire axe.

"The Flamethrower shoots short ranged flames out in front of you, lighting enemies on fire; enemies who are on fire will continue to burn for some time after. His shotgun and axe are basic and short ranged, which makes the Pyro ineffective at distances.

"The Flamethrower does more than burn things though, if you right click at the right time, you can shoot incoming projectiles back at the enemy. This includes the Soldier's rockets and the Demoman's Pipebombs. If you aim carefully, it is possible to kill someone by reflecting their own projectile back at them.

"The Heavy is a slow moving class with a ton of health and a minigun. He is pretty much the tank of the 9 classes. The Heavy moves very slow and his minigun takes time to spin up, but once it's started, he can dish out massive damage to anyone who stuck around.

"Be careful of your slow speed though, if you're caught unaware, you're pretty much a sitting duck. Also be sure to watch out for Spies, you are a big target, and due to your movement speed Spies can backstab you easily.

"The Medic is a support class, there to heal teammates, not deal out direct damage. As a Medic, you have a Syringe gun, a Medigun and a bonesaw. Your weapons are very weak, and you should only use them when separated from your team, or in trouble.

"Instead of fighting, you should focus on healing with your Medigun (hold left click while facing a teammate within range). After healing for a period of time, you will be able to deploy an Ubercharge, which makes you and the person you are healing invincible for a small amount of time. To deploy this when your Ubercharge meter is full, simply right click while healing someone.

"The Sniper is a long range assistance class, equipped with a Sniper Rifle, an SMG and a machete. His Sniper rifle isn't as powerful as other FPS games, making quick scoping a bad tactic. Instead, you should scope in and let your rifle charge to full power (the bars to the right of the cursor). Aim for the head to land a Critical Hit.

"A fully charged Headshot can deal nearly 500 damage, enough to instantly kill any class. As a Sniper, you should try and take out priority targets like a Heavy, Medic or Soldier in one fully charged shot. You should only use your SMG when caught up in close/medium ranged combat, as it is rather weak.