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Team Fortress 2 Walkthrough Soldier Training

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Welcome to Team Fortress 2, one of the best Free to Play First Person Shooters around! This Guide will introduce the game to you and explain the basic mechanics of gameplay. After booting up the game, it's recommended to complete the tutorials to learn the core controls and such. To get to the tutorial you have to click 'Training'

"and then 'Get Started' underneath Basic Training

"and then click the button under the Soldier and click 'Start Training'.

"Now you are in the Training map, and some pop-ups will guide you through basic movement controls. Read what they say and follow them down to the shooting range area.

"Down here the pop-ups will tell you the basic weapon controls, and test you out with some wood cutouts.

"Don't worry about failure, the cutouts stay up until shot, so take your time getting used to combat. After the cutouts, some AI controlled characters will run around as target Practice.

"Again, don't worry about failure. The bots won't leave the area and are unable to attack you. You finish this Training once all the bots are defeated, but that's only one Training mission.