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Team Fortress 2 Walkthrough Game modes

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"Now I'm going to give an explanation of all the game modes in Team Fortress 2.

"First up is Attack/Defend, more commonly known as Control Points. In this, Blue team are trying to capture all the points in the map, while Red team try and prevent them from doing that in the time limit. These games are normally split into 3 maps, each with 2 control points. It's a great starting point for new players due to the simplicity and well roundedness.

"Payload is also a great game mode for beginners. Blue team must push the Payload (A bomb in a cart) along the path to the end of the map while Red team must prevent them from doing that in the time limit. To push the cart, simply stand near it. The cart will stop if no Blue players are near it, or if a Red player is near it.

"In King of the Hill, both teams are fighting for ownership of a single control point in the middle of the map. When one team captures it, the timer for that team will start to count down. When the other team captures the point, your team's timer pauses, and theirs starts. When a team's counter hits 0, that team wins. This game mode is also simple enough for new players to do well in.

"Normally called Control Points, 5cp is not to be confused with Attack/Defend. In 5 Control Points, each game only has one map with 5 control points in it. Each team starts with the two closest points, and the middle point is blank. To win, one team must capture all 5 control points in order, starting from the point closest to your team's base all the way to the point closest to the enemy’s base. Unlike Attack/Defend, the enemy team can capture control points back. Imagine it as Tug of War meets Attack/Defend. This is more difficult than Attack/Defend, and isn't recommended for new players.

"Payload Race is just like normal Payload, but each team has their own cart to push. You must switch between pushing your cart and making sure the other team can't push their cart. The tracks are normally very close and sometimes cross over each other, making conflict inevitable. This extra twist on Payload is usually difficult, and not for beginners.

"Capture the Flag is a classic game mode where each team has a 'flag'. The objective is to take the enemy's flag from their base back to yours several times, while protecting your flag from the enemy. Due to the fact that maps are normally big and complex, and because you need to capture the enemy's flag while protecting you own, this game mode is not recommended for new players.

"Special Delivery is a game mode where both teams fight over one flag. The team with the flag must then take it to the top of a Rocket to win. Maps are large, with the flag and Rocket at complete opposite sides of the map.

"Putting it in the Rocket takes a while, and is very easily countered, making the game normally end in a long stalemate. Special Delivery isn't recommended for beginners.

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