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Team Fortress 2 Walkthrough Demoman Training

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"Go back into the training menus, but this time choose the Demoman.

"You'll load up in the shooting range (there is no need to hear movement controls again). The Demoman is the explosives expert, with a Pipe bomb launcher and a Sticky Bomb Launcher.

"Shoot the cutout targets with the Pipe bombs just like you did with the Solider. Notice how the bombs arc in the air.

"Now you have to shoot a hiding cut out behind cover. Aim higher to allow the bomb to arc up over it. Also note that you don't need to get a direct hit with the Pipe bombs, after some time they explode, hurting anyone near them. If you are having trouble knowing where to aim, try matching where I aimed in the screenshot.

"Time to move onto the Sticky bomb launcher. This gun shoots out bombs that can be remotely detonated by you, so you can shoot out up to 8 of them for a trap, and then blow them up when someone walks on them.

"Destroy all the cutouts with sticky bombs, and learn from the pop ups on how to charge a long distance shot. After that, you have completed the Demoman's training!