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Team Fortress 2 Walkthrough Simulated Dustbowl

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Head back into the Soldier Training window and choose 'Continue' to start Part 2 of the Soldier Training.

You are now playing a simulated game of Control Points in the Dustbowl map. Read the Pop-ups to get an idea on this game mode, and wait for the Starting gates to open. Take note of the Resupply cabinet in this room, as it will refill your Heath and Ammo.

"Once the gates are open, you are free to progress further into the map to the first Control Point! It is the Silver disk on the ground in the Shed. Simply stand on it until it is captured by your team, but be careful of the Red team defending it.

"After capturing the first point, follow your teammates to the second control point in this map.

"Take out the defending Red team and capture this point to win the round. Don't worry about dying either, because if you do, you will respawn in a matter of seconds back in your Spawn area. Once you capture the final point and win the round, the next map will load.

After the pop-ups introduce you to the Medic class, push forward into the map and capture the first control point. The medic will try and keep you healed, but be sure to protect him from dying too.

"Once you've captured the first point, continue on with your teammates to the second point and capture it. Starting to get the hang of the game yet?

"After winning the second round, the third map will load. The pop-ups will introduce you to the engineer and his helpful buildings.

"Stand on his teleporter to be taken outside and see his powerful Sentry Turret in action. You can also slowly get ammo and health by standing next to his Dispenser.

"Progress around the corner to find that the Red team has set up a Sentry as well. Take it out from a distance with your rockets and capture the control point it was standing on.

The only thing left to do now is progress to the final control point in the map and capture it. Be careful of the Red engineer and his sentry next to it. After capturing it and winning the third and final round, you have completed the Soldier Training!