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The Crooked Man Walkthrough End: Duke's House

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When I got to his house, I saw a man walking by. I stop to ask him about the house.

After talking with the man, I wondered how I would get in. I used the key I got from the cat at the hospital and suprisingly it worked.

There was one across the wall, in the room oppisite of the one I was in.

Inside on the second door on the right, I found another note from him.

On the second floor, there was another note from him in the first room on the right.

Another was in the hall. I entered the room it was in front of.

Inside, I found a book on the ground. It was his, Duke's. The book was the notebook I had be getting the pages from. I gave it a read.

After finding all the part of Duke's journal, I went into the room on the left.

I had my final fight with the monster, the Crooked Man. I shot at him, and dogding out of the way of his rushes. This time though, he would give a loud cry, that would split my head. I had to defeat him fast.

After defeating the Crooked Man for the last time, I went to see Duke. My jounrey was over.

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