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The Crooked Man Walkthrough Scene 3: Central Hospital-Fluffy-

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When I got inside, I went into the room behind the recpetionist desk. There I found a locker that was locked. The lock was simple so I thought I could get into with out the key.

On the top floor, I saw some vomit on the ground. I went inside the door it was in front of. (Note: on the second floor, on the last door of the left wall, you should hear a cat. Inside is a dead cat, check it. Sorry I lost the pictures to this part)

Inside was an other note from the former tenant.

I checked the lockbox on the wall, there was some kind of puzzle password.

I started with the center square.

Then the top left one.

Then the bottom right one.

Then the bottom left one.

And lastly the top right one.

I now had the elevator trunk key and the cafeteria key.

First, I started with the cafeteria. It was the white door on the second floor.

When inside, I walked past some cans on the ground, when one of them fell over. Some wire fell out of it

The elevator was stuck on the fourth floor. I pryed out the doors and went inside.

I used the key to open the trunk of the elevator and took out an AED.

After getting the AED, I started to head back down to the first floor when I heard singing. I heard it coming from the dayroom with the white doors on the third floor.

Back on the ground floor, I placed the AED's battery into the electronic lock to the clinic. However, now I need a password.

Think of where to find the code, I remebered the locker in the room behind the desk. I used the wire to pick the lock and inside was a note with the code.

I entered 4489 and headed into the clinic.

I began to head down the clinic and search around.

I first tried the director's office. It was the door closest to the bullletin board.

Inside, I found a jounral kept by the director. He had a puzzle box, which you had to spell a word to open. But, his daughter had hidden all the pieces. Hints to their location was inside. I began to look for them.

On the second floor of the clinic, I found Fluffy in the first door.

I checked the sinks in the bathroom. There the piece was stuck in the drain.

With Fluffy with me, I continued my search for the pieces. One of the hints was "wash your hands" so I tried the bathroom on the third floor. It was the second door on the south wall.

While looking for a way to free Fluffy, I found something and in the room oppsite of the bathroom that had the puzzle piece.

Looking in the drawers on the right of the bed, I found a small key, this would be useful latter.

Continuing my search, I found one of the former tenants notes on the fourth floor, in the hallway.

I kept looking for something to help me free Fluffy. I check ed in the staff room, the door closest to the stairs on the first floor.

Inside was a key to the counseling room.

Since I could not find anything in the clinic, I tried the counseling room on the fourth floor of the non-clinic side.

There was a lone book in the room. After reading it I found a key to Psychiatry room back at the clinic.

I found the Pyschiatry room on the forth floor, near the elevator.

There was a bullettin board inside with an odd note on it. The pictures on the note reminded me of the surgery rooms.

I went down the surgery hall on the fourth floor, which was in front of the elevator, and into last room. I looked on the bulletin board to find the number 6 behind the paper.

On the third floor, I went into the first room and turned over the trash can. There was a 1 on the bottom.

Lastly, on the second floor I check under the bed to find a 7.

I did not know where the code went so I continued looking for a way to free Fluffy. I had not checked the staff room on the first floor next to the stairs and maybe my new key would help me.

The key fit into the cabnets at the end of the room, but there was something more important. There was a hammer on the table. I grabbed it and went to the bathroom where the puzzle piece was.

Getting to the third floor and hearing Fluffy's screams, I ran into the bathroom and bashed down the wall with the hammer.

I checked the stall to see if Fluffy was in it.

After freeing Fluffy I continued my search for the puzzle pieces. Right outside the bath room was a phone and one of the clues was "give me a call." Sure enough, I found a piece inside.

We headed back to the cafeteria

We headed back to the cafeteria in search of the puzzle pieces. I found it inside a teacup on the table.

Remebering the "flower is good" clue, I checked the flowers in the director's room. In the vase was another piece.

The "nurse know that" was a hard one. The only place I could think of a nurse to be was behind a desk. So, I check the cardboard "Lost and Found" box in the room behind the front desk. Amonst the garbage was a piece.

The last piece had to be on the roof, so I went to find the stairs. I found an entrance to the emergancy stairs at the end of the surgery hall on the third floor. It need a three ditgit code, so I gave 716 a try.

When we got to the roof door, there was a heavy wire sealing it off. I needed something to get rid of it. I remebered reading about an acid that could cut through anything. I went down to the medicine room in the basement to see if I could find some.xz

Checking one of the cabinets in the back, I found what I was looking for. We headed back up to the roof.

I used the Hydrogen to melt the wires and head up to the roof.

Climbing up on top of the roof of the entry way to the stairs, I found the final piece.

As we were heading down to open the puzzle box, we heard a sound coming from the second door from the stairs on the third floor.

I found the monster and Fluffy on the fourth floor. It was about to attack Fluffy. I saw a fire exetinguisher on my way up, I grabbed it to fight off the monster.

Fearing the monster's return, I went to the director's room to open the puzzle box, in hope there would be a key to the safe. I had hoped the safe had a weapon.

The note said that the word was something you could not live without. The letters spelled out family.

My hope was right, inside was a revolver and bullets.

I had a feeling that Fluffy had ran up to the roof. I prepaired myself to fight the monster.

Since the monster was after Fluffy, I did not have to worried about it attacking me. But, Fluffy was runnign around all over the place. I had to aim my shots carefully to avoid shooting Fluffy.

Completly defeted by what Fluffy said, I started to head back to the car.

When I got to the entrance, I heard a voice back in the clinic area. I headed back to see if it was Fluffy's mom.

Back at the clinic side, in the basemen I notice one of the doors was open. I went inside, I will never forget it.