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The Crooked Man Walkthrough Scene 1: Hotel Ruhenheim-Sissi-

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When I got in, I started to search the room. I found something in the left side hallway, in the fourth room.

There was a piece of paper on the drawers.

It was a treasure hunt map made by a child. I thought it would be a waste if the kid's treasure was not found.

The squares on the paper looked like table clothes, so I searched around for the dinning area. I found it in the room on the right of the second floor of the entrance room.

Going the table in the top right cornor, like on the map, I found a key.

While looking around for the location of the door the golden key went with, I found a note in the third room of the left hallway on the second floor.

The sudden crack of the mirror gave it away.

At the end of the same hall, I found the door for the golden key. Reading the note on the door saying that the key went missing, I knew I had a match.

Upon entering the libary, I picked the key on the table. It read "Room 109"

There was also a box out in the open, I gave it a read, just for fun.

However, as I drew closer to the shelves in the back, I heard a sound out in the hallway.

In the hallway, it sounded like there was someone else here. I started to head to room 109.

Thankfully since the key had a number the room was easy to find.

When I got in I noticed some on top of the closet.

I pushed one of the chairs over to get up to reach it.

Leaving 109, a piano began to play. I thought this might be the person who as lurking around.

Having found it earily in my search of the hotel, I remebered that it was on the second floor, left side door.

After meeting Sissi, I remebered the wire cutters. I had seen that there was some wires on the staff door. I cut them and went inside.

Inside I found a staff notebook. I thought it would help me find clue. Inside was a key.

I check the door behind me, to find it without a knob. I remebered the book said 107 was having door knob problems, so I headed there.

So I went to 107 at the end of the hall in the first floof, left hallway.

The notebook said the problem was in the bathroom.

A door knob was on the floor when I got in. It looked about the same size as the one without a knob. I picked it up hoping it would work.

I headed back to the staff room, putting the knob in the door. It worked!

In the room, I first noticed a trapdoor. It was locked, but I then noticed a tile on the floor that was a different shade then all the other. I step on it.

The trapdoor opened. It was like something out of a spy movie.

The only problem was that the room was pitch black, good thing I had a light.

I reached for my lighter in my pocket.

Inside I found a person, I went to check on them. That was a mistake.

After being attacked by that, thing, I went out to see if Sissi was ok.

Looking for Sissi, I had stepped into the left hall on the second floor, when I heard a huge crash. Next, I heard Sissi call for help!

I ran into 203, where I heard the sound, I see what had happened.

After what happened to Sissi, I went to the staff room to check on the monster.

The door was wide open! I went inside to investigate.

In the basement, near some boxes on the left. I found a bronze key.

I figured the old bronze key matched the bar door, and I was right.

Inside I found a journial of one of the old staff workers. I mentioned how to get into the food storage. The password was in a book that was changed monthly.

I went to the manager's room and checked a bulletin board, which had the book of the month.

I headed over to the libary to look for the book.

I found the book in the T section. After looking through it, I went to go enter the password.

The monster had chased me into one of the rooms! I had to think of a way to get rid of him. I noticed the pit from earily and look down to see if there was room to push him into it.

I noticed that there were some missing chapters, I tried this as the code. It worked!

I saw a key on top of the crates in the food storage. Grabbing the ladder in the back, I climb up to get it. It was a key to 210

Entering 210, I saw some kind of burnt stuff on the ground. I went to check it out.

After getting the notebook piece and warning Sissi, I was walking past the bar when I heard a sound. I went in to investigate.

There was some red writing that was not there before on the other side of the room. I went over to check it out.

As I was reading the message, the monster snuck up on me! I saw some bottles of alcohol. I used them as a weapon to scare the monster off.

Now though, the monster was covered in alcohol now. So, I pulled out my lighter to burn his ass.

After the monster attacked me a second time, I knew I needed a weapon. I remebered the kitchen knife in the food storage

Leaving the storage with the knife, I saw a trail of blood. Fearing it was Sissi's, I began to follow it.

The trail continued into the right side of the building. I was starting to get to worried

Seeing that Sissi would be ok, I went out to find where the key went.

Since the key had no door number, and I could not think of anywhere else, I tried the key on the door next to staff room.

The door lead outside. I had noticed something in the fountian.

I went back to Sissi to show her what I had found in the fountian, but she was not there. Next, I heard a scream.

I headed to the piano room where I heard the scream.

I fought one on one with the monster. I used to reach to the knife to attack without it getting too close and dodging out of the way of its rushes.

Finding Sissi outside, she was an emotional wreck. I had to find the right words to say. "What's wrong with being a wimp?"

With more question gained than answered, I contiuned on my hunt for the former tenant. I was glad I could help Sissi.