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The Crooked Man Walkthrough Scene 2: Julius Stone Law School-D-

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I started my search by heading up stairs.

On the third floor at the left end of the hall, I found something in John Keith office

On the desk was the key to the office. I thought I should hold on to just in case.

In the office at the other end of the hall, I found a book saying how to get into the room's security box. The code had been left in the Refernce Room.

While I was looking for the Reference Room, I found the key to the infirmary. It was in the Faculty Room at the end of the hall, right side, on the first floor.

I decided to go open the infirmary. It was at the oppisite side of the hall from the Refernce Room.

In one of the drawers, I found a key with the tag "Palor" on it.

I soon found the Reference Room. It was on the second floor, first door on the left. However it was locked, I need to find the key.

Continuing down the hall, I found the Palor. I used the key and went inside.

Inside was an odd sculpture, made by a Ray Twain. I went out to find his room for a clue.

I found his room first door to the right on the third floor.

I began to look for a hint to what the sculpture was, when I found one of the books on the shelves.

The sculpture was binary. I had to match up the sculptrue to the number on the paper.

Matching the numbers, I solve the code to be 2515. The box opened with a click and inside was the Refernce Room key.

After my odd introduction to D, I went back to the Reference Room to open it up.

Inside the Reference Room, there was a painting with a screw lose. I went to get a screwdriver so I could take it off.

I found a tool box in Leftie Lewis' room on the second floor, first right. I grabbed a screwdriver and a hammer.

I came back to unscrew the painting. Behind it was the code 1647. I felt like I had seen the term "father of law" before. I returned the screwdriver after, no longer needing it, and got the crowbar instead.

In John Keith's room, I found at notebook the mentioned the father of law. I tried the code fromt the painting and one click latter I had the lecture hallway key.

Some how the damned monster had followed me from the hotel. I remebered that I had the key to the room and ran past the monster and locked the door.

After traping the monster in the office, I went down to open the lecture hall on the first floor.

I checked the first open door inside to find a weapon, or something. To my surpise, D was inside.

After talking with D, I noticed a newspaper article post on the board. It was congratulating a student an aritcle he wrote. I tried to remeber it since it seemed improtant.

Heading up to the second floor, I found an other note from the former tenant. Finding nothing else, I left the lecture halls.

The newspaper clip metion Cyndi Paterson. I found her office on the third floor, first on the left.

The student on the newspaper clip was a student of Cyndi's and seemed like a favorite. I tried his birthday as the code. The box gave a sound click and held a key to one of the lecture rooms.

There was a door on the first floor of the lecture hall, that needed a key. I opened it and went inside.

There was an other note from the former tenant inside.

After the monster attacked me again, I had no energy. I went to rest in the bed at the infirmary.

Back on my feet after my short rest, I went back to the room where the monster was to look for clues. There was a notice on the black board about a book used from the Reference Room. I remebered that one of the professors lost his code in a book.

Looking through the shelves, I found the book in the third shelve on the left. Inside was a piece of paper with a code, 9981. I went to go put it in the box.

Entering Franz's room on the second floor at the end of the right, I found his security box and entered the code 9981. A good click, and the key to the computor room was mine.

I found the computor room on the seconde floor, second door on the left. I put the key in and went inside.

The trashcan in the corner was overflowing with garbage. I looked around in it for more clues and found something. It was a document printed by Andrew Robinson. I remebered that Andrew's password was his ID, so I went to go enter 144246 at his door.

I had the energy drink that D gave me. I drank it just to keep myself up.

Andrew's room was on the second floor, second door on the left. I entered in 144246.

Inside I found Andrew's journal. After reading it, I went to go find D to see how he was doing.

After looking around all the floors, I could not find D anywhere. I decided to try the basement.

I found an iron pipe in the room. I picked up trying to find someway of using it.

Finding myself trapped in a gas filled room, I rembered reading that the wall was weak behind the shelve.

Instead of using the pipe, I used the hammer I had to bash down the wall.

Once on the other side, I had to pry open the elevator doors because the monster was waiting outside the door.

I climbed the ladder with D in tow.

I could tell D was in an emotional outrage. I had to find the right words. "That's life, isn't it?"

Again I found myself in a one on one with the monster. I did the same as before, using the reach of the weapon and getting out of the way of his rushes. The energy drink D gave help me fell stronger for the fight, good thing I drank it.

Again with more questions then answers, I began to feel closer to finding the tenant. I began to wonder just what the hell that monster was and how it followed me all the way from the hotel.zzz