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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Walkthrough Dagoth Ur

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Get to the Inner Facility.

Then, the Lower Facility should be straight and a right where the one guy is from the inner facility.

Avoid all the henchmen and get to the Facility Cavern.

When you get inside, rush behind him and cneak attack him with Sunder.

Take a potion of maring afterwards.

Then, a door leading to Akulakhan's Chamber will be to the left.

Fly down to his heart right when you get to him.

I attacked with Sunder a few times and then Keening and he was out.

Back up because he'll explode. Then take the potion of recall to get back to the cavern.

And you're done! You're free! that was fast huh? Well I hope you had fun playing this and I hoped this helped you! Game on!