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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Walkthrough The Beginning

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After you get off the boat and onto the dock, you'll be able to customize your appearence.

Then proceed to the door

You'll be able to choose your sign. Choose The Steed.

The guy inside will talk to you and you'll be able to choose your ccupation, if you may. Choose Barbarian.

After a review of the things you just chose, he'll give you your info.

Steal the item on the shelf that's to your right.

Drop it so he's outta the way rom the door.

Take it back.

Then enter the door he was guarding.

Turn right and enter this door to leave the building.

Check the barrell, there'll be a ring of healing, take it.

Commence Adrenaline rush to go through this wall.

Then talk to the guy that's to next to that house.

He'll mention that ring you found, give it to him.

Now, go up the stairs and around the walkway to enter the tradehouse.

Select barter to get items. Buy: Scroll of Ondusi's Unhinging, and the Scroll of Almsivi Intervention. then sell your Limeware platter.

Leave the trade house and go directly straight into the water and swim across it.

Reach the Bitter Coast Region.

If you continue to go diagonally to the left, you'll find this book and hear screams. Wait for the wizard to come down.

When he lands, immediately steal the scroll of Icarian Flight.

Then you'll be taken to Balmora.

Turn to the right and go under the stairs to the alchemist.

Barter with her. Get, Potion of Recall x2, Potion of Marking x2, Standard Rising Force Potion. REMEMBER: Morrowind 1.0 will only allow you to do this bug.

Use the scroll of Icarian FLight right here and fly away.

Stay still and land at the Red Mountains Region.

Fly up to that building which is Odrosal.

Enter this door to begin.