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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough The Final Battle

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In the Hall of Valor, head straight for the three guys from that elder-scroll flashback, and they'll head outside with you to Alduin.

Once outside, start spamming Clear Skies, Alduin will respond with a shout that replenishes the mist. Fight him by spamming Clear Skies.

"Ven Mul Riik!"

After he stops shouting, Alduin will appear. Hit him with Dragonrend before he can melt you with fire-breath.

Once Alduin is on the ground, it's childs play. The three heroes will make very short work of him, all you need to do is smack away.

Alduin is very skittish however, and you must keep reapplying Dragonrend. Use all your potions, all your scrolls, come on god damnit this is the final boss!

Once the final blow lands, Alduin will die.

"Zu'u unslaad! Zu nis oblaan!"

It's pretty incredible for such an easy fight. Tsun was harder.