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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough Skuldafn

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Immediately upon entering Skuldafn, draugrs and dragons will both come to hinder you. Depending on your level, this could either be a cakewalk or something that will make you want to scratch your eyeballs out.

Two dragons will come to attack, surprisingly they're fragile. Dragonrend them, then tear them apart. Beware of Draugr archers.

Keep heading forward, killing any Draugrs that try to kill you.

Then, enter the temple and prepare yourself for some tedious puzzles!

First, clear this room of Draugrs before you do anything.

Move the stones to look like this from the frontal view, then hit the lever.

Then, proceed.

Spiders will also come to bite you.

In the next room, there'll be another puzzle. Fix the pillar to look like a hawk.

Then on the opposite end, the other should be turned to a chicken.

On ground level, the pillar should be a Snake. Then, go up and pull the lever to proceed.

After some more draugrs, head up the staircase and push the lever to proceed.

You'll find a Draugr Overlord or level equivalent soliloquising whether or not he should stop pacing a room for all eternity. Kill him for his Diamond Claw.

The combo is wolf-butterfly-dragon. Then, put the claw inside.

The room that you'll open will have the word for Storm Call, an extremely powerful shout, and the door to the outside.

Head outside, blasting Draugrs off cliffs with Unrelenting Force, then head up the stairs.

You'll immediately find a Dragon Priest trying to reclaim his Staff. Do as much damage as you can before he turns hostile, then drink some anti-shock damage potions and prepare for one hell of a fight.

The Dragon Priest will drop a very special mask that mage-characters will love.

Take his staff, put it in the receptacle, and...JUMP!