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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough The Negotiations and Odahviing

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At random times throughout the conversation, either Ulfric or Tullius will ask you to choose a side.

One of the first side to choose is if Elenwen stays at the summit or not, if you choose that she leaves, Tullius will disapprove.

Ulfric will ask for Markarth for a truce. Tullius will ask you to tell Ulfric to surrender Riften, or Dawnstar with some persusasion.

If you side too much with Ulfric or Tullius, the other will threaten to leave. Not that it really matters.

If someone threatens to leave, Esbern will reprimand everybody, then everybody will come to an agreement. Esbern will then teach you a shout to call a dragon, then tell you to head to Dragonsreach.

Head back to Dragonsreach, go to the porch, and cast your new Shout.

Odahviing will come, and start terrorizing the guards. Dragonrend his scaly behind and lure him deep into the room.

Once he's in chains, tell him that he has to fly you to Skuldafn, then head up the ramp to free him and hop on.

"Are you ready to see my nose?"

Odahviing will then take you to Skuldafn.