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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough Blackreach (and the Tower of Mzark)

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You'll be immediately attacked by a few Falmer and a Dwarven Sphere. Kill them and head into the Laboratory directly in front of where you came.

Once in the laboratory, take all you can fit in your inventory like Soul Gems and other enchanted gear, then start to follow your quest tracker. Upon the path to the objective, you'll have the choice of fighting a Centurion by either pulling a level or not pulling it. The choice is yours. The choice to kill Falmer, however, is not.

Falmer will also shoot arrows at you from platforms off the path, kindly return the favor.

You'll happen upon a city where the people are slaves or something to the Falmer, kill them all!

If you want to spice things up a bit, use Unrelenting Force on this gigantic light and a very tough Dragon will answer your call.

If you didn't or did fight the dragon, continue forth after he dies to the Tower of Mzark lift, and prepare for a really tedious puzzle!

First, climb the staircase and go to the balcony, then put in the Lexicon.

From what I remember, press the third button (the one to the right of the blue constellation panel) three or four times , however much it takes until the second button opens up and is pressable. Press that button till the first button opens up and then you can take the Elder Scroll.

Take the Elder Scroll, then leave the Tower of Mzark from the door right behind you, then bring the scroll to where Paarthunax is then read it to get into a lengthy cutscene.

After reading it at the correct place, you'll start a lengthy cutscene, and after that, Alduin attacks you. Shout at him with your newly learned shout to keep him on the ground, Paarthunax will assist you in handing his ass to him.

Once Alduin runs out of HP he'll fly away, then talk to Paarthunax until he tells you to head to Whiterun to lure a dragon for you to enslave.

In Dragonsreach, the Jarl will say no unless you can talk to General Tullius and Ulfric, they're both in Solitude and Windhelm, respectively.

Technically the Jarl will just send you to Arngeir, but Arngeir will actually tell you to talk to the two general.

Ulfric, in his home in Windhelm, will say yes after some persuasion.

Tullius will come easily too. What, expecting a sidequest?

Head back to Hrothgar, and Arngeir will bid everyone take their seats.