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The Expendables 2 Walkthrough Chapter 2!

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Start by walking along the main road

Engage the enemies carefully, sniper fire is not uncommon

Kill the enemies before going up the ramp

Watch the rooftops for RPG fire

Be prepared for close quarters combat

Walk along the main road until you reach the harbor

When you reach it, take out the enemy foot soldiers before continuing

Use the RPGs dropped by enemies or just use Caesar's secondary. I prefer using his sedondary because it loads much faster

As soon as you get on the boat try shooting of the mortar attacks so that you dont take any damage. It shouldnt be too hard

When you get close to the shore try mowing down some of the foot soldiers for extra point

The tanks shouldn't be too hard to destroy. Just press Tab to switch to your rocket lancher after that just use your minigun on them

As soon as you see the mines shoot them down because they can be a hassle to deal with

After that its gonna be the same as before. Just shoot down the mortar rockets and some of the troops on the shore

You're gonna need to take down two choppers after that but thats not a problem for your rocket launcher and your minigun

When you board the pirate-infested dock continue along the main road. Don't avoid killing of enemies

When you reach the frigate you need to board it

Fright your way though the enemies you encounter

When you board the frigate, switch to Caesar and plant one of his bombs on the deck

Get off the frigate before it explodes

Be very careful in the area because you will eb surrounded by enemies from all sides

Fight your way though them step by step

Just use Caesar when big groups of enemies come out. When you kill them all this part of the chapter will end

When you start make your way through the dusty desert

When you reach the enemy camp, enter it and fight though the battalions of enemies

Make sure to clear out the tunnels coming from the mountains. The soldiers coming out from them may attack you from the back

Watch out for sniper fire

Avoid taking damage by taking cover. Also watch out for RPGs on the roofs

When you reach the junkyard entrance you can either go to the left or to the right

I picked the left one but you can go either way

Fight your way though the junkyard

Kill of the remaining enemies and vehicles to finish this part of the round

When you start this part make sure you dont step on the in the light because its coming from a spotlight

If you do you'll have to fight your way through

Watch out for shots coming from the cliffs

Make your way up the road

Use lots of cover to avoid taking huge amount of damage

When you reach the helicopter use either the RPGs dropped by other enemies or Caesars granade launcher

The RPGs are dropped by the guy on the rooftop above

Destrying the helicopter finishes the round