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The Expendables 2 Walkthrough Chapter 4!

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When you start of at the jungle just continue along the main road

Watch out for enemy fire coming for afar

As you go along though the village make sure to preserve your health

Same plan here, the camp can get a bit overcrowded

Make sure you watch out for enemy sniper fire from the towers

When you reach the field be careful of enemies with machetes so just make sure you picked them off first

Killing of the rest of the enemies in the camp will end this part of the chapter

Same as before, just go along the jungle and kill of as many enemies as you can

Just be careful and take as much cover as you can

When you enter the temple I suggest you pick Caesar beause of his ability do deal huge ammounts of damage at a large are

Take care of the sniper first here as well

As you continue along take lots of cover

When you reach this part you will be mostly surrounded from all sides BUT make sure to take kill the soldiers with the flamethrowers first. They can deal huge amounts of damage

After you finish coninue to the passage ahead

Try and clear it out as fast as you can

Mow thorugh the hordes of enemie until you reach the day light

When you get out go though the village

Be careful of enemy fire

Go up the stairs when you reach them

Take lots of cover and be careful of enemies with machetes

When you get to the tank and the APC try taking care of the APC first that way you'll have alot more cover

After you get the APC try spamming the tank with RPGs or Caesars grenade launcher

Go though the rest of the enemy base carefully

After you reach the chopper you'll need to destroy it. You'll end the mission that way

Once you enter the next base continue straight ahead

When the two APCs approach you'll need to destroy them

When you get them jsut approach them with Caesar and plant a bomb of them to clear a way though

When enemies start comming out of the garages it will be best for you to blow them up in order to prevent them from coming out

Do the same thing with the tanks

Do the same thing to the other garages on the right

After you get the hostage you'll head towards your seaplane

Just shoot the enemies in the boat while Barney is trying to take off

Shoot the mortar rockets for extra point

After you destroy the bridge you'll be safe

The End