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The Expendables 2 Walkthrough Chapter 1!

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Once you start the chapter continue along the main road

Kill any enemy resistance you encounter along the road

The space bar is used for jumping by default

Use the cover mechanic to avoid taking huge amount of damage

Make sure to kill the guards on the towers

As you continue killing off enemies you will encounter an APC. Just use the RPGs dropped by the enemies to destroy it OR use Caesar's secondary weapon (it takes a bit longer to destroy it)

By entering the camp you'll encounter enemy resistance

When you move through the camp and get to the clock tower you'll be shot at by the person you are looking for. Use shift (by default) do dodge his fire

Once he comes down from the tower he'll run. Just follow him and kill of any enemy resistance

As you go after him you'll get cornered. Make sure you cover all sides

Use your special ability (Q by default) to kill a single enemy and regain full health

Follow the on-screen instructions for throwing the grenades

Once you enter the military base you'll encounter huge resistance

Just follow the main road and kill of the enemies

Try avoiding the sniper fire by dodging, because they do huge amounts of damage.

When you reach the tower where the sniper is shooting from use Caesar's mines to destroy it which will take the sniper down

As you start part two, you'll have to shoot tons of enemies from the helicopter

Make sure you don't overheat your minigun, try firing in short bursts

Rockets take a few seconds to reload so just switch to your minigun by pressing Tab (by default)

The mission will end by you going down with your helicopter

Once you get up from the crash, contunue along the main road

Be careful of enemy resistance

I prefer to use Caesar for this one because of his area damage

Watch out for troops coming out of the tents

Careful of exploding trucks. They can be also of big help because they kill enemies when they explode

When you reach the blocade on the road press 2 to pick Caesar and plant a bomb on it

Step away from it and wait for it to explode

When you need a health boost make sure you use the special kill ability

As you go along your gonna encounter a big group of enemies and an APC

You're gonna need to kill them in order to continue. Using Caesar's secondary weapon should make things easy. Make sure to use cover though

After you clear them up you're gonna run into a fence

Pick Yang and approach it and just holf Q to cut it open

After you go though the fence and fight of some enemies you're gonna run into a tank

Just take cover and use Caesar's secondary or pick up RPGs that are dropped by enemies. Destroying it will finish this part of the chapter

As part four starts, start walking along the main road

When you reach the passage use Caesar to clear it out quickly

You can use his sedondary when you encounter large groups of enemies

Make sure you kill the guys with the RPGs first

The tank should be a big problem. Just take cover and spam it out with Caesar's secondary or the RPGs on the ground

Just make sure you watch out for exploding vehicles

As you reach the last yard make sure you take down the enemies in the containers first

After that just take cover and kill of the rest of the enemy soldiers thus ending this part

When you start on the train continue going straight and killing off any enemies you encounter

Watch out for exploding truck, the can be very annoying

When the tank starts firing at you just pick Yang and run towards the crates that are close to the tank

When you reach the, melee the cables that are next to it and throw the rockets that are in it and shooting them

This will helf destroy the tank much more easily

There will be a chopper up ahead so just take cover and spam it out

But make sure you kill of the enemies coming from both sides

Taking the chopper down will end the current chapter