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The Expendables 2 Walkthrough Chapter 3!

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When you board the dock continue along the road

Kill any enemy reistance you may encounter

You can either dodge the sniper fire OR hide behind objects

When you kill of some of the enemies coming up on the road you will end up needing Caesar to blow up the gate so that you may continue

Just walk towards it and press and hold Q. Your squadmates will cover you

As you continue you will need to blow up another gate with Caesar

Same thing as before

When you reach this area there will be a huge firefight. Use Caesar's granade launcher to make short work of the APCs and other foot soldiers

By destroying them for can proceed to the next area

As you enter the next yard a chopper will attack you

Use the RPGs or Caesar's granade launcher as before

Destroying the chopper will finish the current part of the mission

As you escape using one of the enemies vehicles you will mount the machine gun on top of it

Destroy the upcoming trucks for extra point

When you encounter the tank use the rocket launcher to destroy it

You'll be safe once the truck flies of the ship

When you get up continue along the main road

Watch out for sniper fire. Sniper fire in combo with other people shooting you can be pretty dangerous

Once you make it though the alley you'll encounter narrow coridors.

I suggest using Caesar her bacuase he can deal tons of damage in a very short time

Fight your way though the enemies

Fight your way though but preserve you health, there are alot of enemies here

There will be a big fight here so be careful about how much damage you take

Continuing along to the next area you will need Caesar's ability to plant bombs

I suggest starting from the one from the top, not like I am doing it right here

Plant the last one and move away from it

Go along the road and once you reach this ramp, go up it

Just follow the road until you reach the next ramp

When you encounter the guys with shields use Caesar's grenade launcher or Barney's grenades to kill them, but be careful they can do alot of damage so take cover

Kill off the rest of the guys and you'll be done