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The Walking Dead: 400 Days Walkthrough Vince's Story

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You will be playing as Vince in this story. (Obviously, this is his story after all)

You make the choice. It only change the conversation later.

Much of the story were skipped such as how Vince was captured and how he met both of them. Somehow, they looks like already know for a quite long time. Any selection will do.

We can never tell whether he lying or not. You be the judge.

Be kind or just be yourself. :)

Conversations options.

Again. :D

Any option will make they response differently. Your choice to tell the truth or not.

Doesn't matter. Yup.

Suddenly, both prisoners from the other seat react strangely.

They depends on you. Most of the time.

Any choice won't change the story. Both man were scripted to death.

The killer. Act like nothing big happened.

One thing for sure, any choice won't make anyone in the bus calm down.

Take the gun below the dead police guy.

Try few choice until the game proceed.

Hard decision to make.

Either one of them, just shoot his foot until detached from the chain.

The one you select will slightly affect the game in season 2.