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The Walking Dead: 400 Days Walkthrough Shel's Story

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A story about Shel. She trying her best to take care of that girl even though the world is not like before anymore. Still, in the story you always stay with her.

She wants to play again... So what say you?

She's big girl now. No need to take care like a baby. XD

After all the conversations, you can directly go out through the back door.

Through here...

Here and...


Zombie pet. What are they thinking...

Yup it's better.

If you try to get near or talk to the walker, the same animation repeats. Too bad you cant be the food. :P

How the puppy got killed there? Weird.

Surprised? ;)

Surprisingly, the watchdogs captured this guy when he trying to escape with stolen items. What you gonna do?

He may understand you but who knows. Something fishy here.

That quite sound racist but communications is really important in conversations.

Desperate moments, people will do anything to survive.

You decide, but better shut him off permenantly.

Things will not be the same after the tragedy happened before...

It's time to talk...

Just go near him to start the talk.

Backstabber. Do you believe it?

Do what you think the best. The hard choice not here.

It's time to tell the truth...

This is it...

Run or kill. You decide.

Again, you've given chance to decide.

This will looks like when you choose to kill her. [END OF STORY]