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The Walking Dead: 400 Days Walkthrough Wyatt's Story

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The funniest story in 400 Days. Both of them are idiot and also funny. Now, some mad guy is chasing them. So this is how the story goes...

You have option to take the pistol or not. If you take, you will have to shoot the car or let Eddie himselft shoot. :)

Any choices will blow the car headlight.

For some unknown reason, the mad guy turn to the right and disappear in the fog.

That Eddie, his silly idea really 'helpful'.

Eddie talk about the guy he killed. Only few clues we can get in the story why he killed him but the real reason still unknown.

Dont be too sure. :)

The third choice kinda gross but that's how the joke. :P

Search in the glove box.

Eddie starts talking about crap. If you wants to hear his weird story, just be silent. :)

They actually hit a person. Really.

Eddie starts to throw more and more questions.

Argue here doesnt change anything. One of them must go out. *Notice the car seat changes*

Rock, paper, scissors? Challange accepted only if you dare to go out. Or else avoid playing that game.

To get out, you have to lose playing this game. Your luck usually stay in the car because chance for you to get out quite low compared to stay in the car.

To find the key, open the light first and look below the chair beside it.

Suddenly the mad guy appear! Fight for your life or be a dead man.

Quickly close the door.

Doesnt matter which you do, the mad guy able to break the glass.

Push his hand to the broken glasses few times.

This is it, now or never. You left Eddit behind... Poor Eddie, but he will do the same thing for you if you go out. [END OF STORY]