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The Walking Dead: 400 Days Walkthrough Russel's Story

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The story starts in the middle of nowhere. Without any weapon, how he possibly survive.. But, just keep going forward then... ;)

Try to hide if you dare. :P *quite funny though*

The story was scripted that you'll ride in the car unless you want to end the game quickly.

In the car, they start talking about anything. Mostly about Russel and women. Duhh.. Perverted mad guy.

Annoying mad guy. :P

He doesnt care about your story, rather than the woman he heard. Totally pervert guy.

No time for joke crazy old man!

Quick get out!

Dont trust that guy!

Even if you have the weapon, you cant shoot him... Hard scripted.

All of the choices doesnt work much. You have to follow the story. :P

The man that keep shooting at you...

The old man talk like they have been here before. Maybe the mad guy lying about this..

Kill or stand for the old man. Your call. :)