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The Walking Dead Walkthrough Chapter Five - No Time Left

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You start here where Vernon and all the cancer patients already gone. Plus, you just knew that Vernon is not the guy who take Clementine. It's a different guy and now you gonna find him! Go go go!! :)

Open the cabinet at the middle. And take the item there.

Use it to open the elevator door.

This is the moment where you gotta choose to keep your hand or cut it. Only a minor changes to your body if you keep but still doest change anything at the end.

Now, talk to Omid to trigger the action to take the ladder. If not, you cant take it.

Now take it and bring back to the Omid. Make a bridge between this building and the bell tower.

No need to find other way. Just pull the rope and jump back to the building. Easy.

Enjoy the story until you be here. To proceed, just take the rack and hit the wall.

When you have access to the other room. Get outside through the balcony door.

After Kenny and Ben died, now you and Omid and Christa get seperated. Now you gonna move alone.

Just hold on here. It wont be long until you enter the hotel.

When you inside this room. Go near the rope. Be ready to meet the guy and fight him till death.

Clementine is saved. Now you gotta out from here.

Your death is getting near. Quick, get Clementine out from here.

Ask Clementine to open this door...

At far left side, there is a baseball bat. Now talk to Clementine to use that.

Handcuff the walker first.

It doesnt matter which want to take first.

Now, use all your energy left to move the baseball bat to Clementine. Act fast.

You decide how the ending will be. :(

Life of Lee Everett ends here... But Clementine still alive and had to go on her own. To be continued in Walking Dead Season 2. [END OF EPISODE 5]