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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 - A Crooked Mile Walkthrough Chapter 4: My Kingdom

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Examine the points of interest around the living room. None of them are crucial to the investigation.

Go left and examine the desk.

Open the envelope.

Looks like Crane was stealing money from his office and paying someone else. Take the money as evidence.

Examine the notes. Crane thinks he is in love with Snow.

Pick up the key you will find under the notes.

Next use the key on the bedroom door.

Bigby will catch Jack in the act.

Jack will try to weasel himself out of this but Bigby will have none of it.

After a few more lies Jack will try to run away again. Click on him to stop him.

Jack will admit he was robbing the place. Now you can extract some info from him.

Jack will ask Bigby what is he doing there. You don't owe him an answer.

He will offer to help Bigby.

You can make a deal with him and he will help you out.

Jack will tell Bigby that Crane's witch is called Auntie Greenleaf. But he doesn't know where she is.

Jack triest to leave with the valuables. Pick up the glamour tube from his bag.

The glamour tube has the white deer sign just like the one Bigby found on Lily's body.

A pawnshop used by the Crooked Man is mentioned. Possible lead maybe.

Bigby will get a few more glamour tubes out of Jack.

Snow will interrupt your conversation. You can decide again if you want Jack on your side or if you want to reveal his failed robbery.

The rap-sheet of Crane becomes larger with every minute.

You'll be given the option to check out the other two locations. Going to the brothers' office will be after Bluebeards visit there.

Bigby arrives at the Tweedles' office.

You hear someone talking to himself.

Bluebeard has passed through there. He was searching for something and hit the Flycatcher.

The Flycatcher doesn't know anything but you can offer him a better job than working for the brothers.

The last place to investigate is the Trip Trap bar.

Someone is having a conversation inside. Knocking on the door will suffice.

Gren and Woody are inside. Gren seems a bit tipsy.

Woody and Gren will drag you into a conversation. You only need to search Lily's stuff.

Holly and Gren are on drugs but Gren doesn't want to rest for now.

Gren will offer Bigby a drink. The lower left option seems to be the violent answer always.

Gren and Woody will get into a fight. Time to end this fooling around.

Gren is angry at Woody for sleeping with Lily. Woody decides to leave. You can ask him a question but he doesn't know anything.

Afterwards Gren will succumb to the drugs. A little joke played with the notifications.

You will find Holly sleeping in the back room. She is holding the box with items you need to see. Examine the crate of alcohol first.

Grab the box underneath.

Holly will be half asleep and ask if it is Woody. You can pretend to be Woody or say it's Bigby. If you are in better relations with her depending on your choices from before it's best to say the truth.

Examine the photograph from Lily's personal belongings.

Holly will ask you another question. She will ramble on half asleep.

Examine the glamour tube.

Examine the book. It has names and adresses. It might be useful.

After finishing up the conversation with Holly, Bigby will find Aunty Greenleaf's adress.

Bigby will call Snow to let her know where Aunty Greenleaf lives.