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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 - A Crooked Mile Walkthrough Chapter 3: Travel

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Dr. Swineheart patches up Bigby after the fight.

The doctor asks Bigby to stay out of trouble.

They've learned that Crane has smashed the mirror before leaving.

Snow's first idea is to wait for the mirror to repair itself.

Snow doesn't know who is behind this and asks Bigby. Bigby isn't sure either.

Snow will want to ask Bigby a personal question. A positive answer will lead to a better understanding of both characters.

Snow asks the hard question.

It's only up to you if you think Bigby is on his road to redemption from his old ways, or he is just the same old bad wolf.

Bufkin informs them that a piece of the mirror is missing. Now is the time to start bashing the monkey for no reason or arrive at the logical conclusion that Crane has taken the piece.

Bufkin suggests they wait for the mirror to mend itself. Snow has other plans.

You will have to search around the office to find some information of what Crane is doing. Talk to Bufkin first.

He will tell you that Crane was looking for his witch.

You can talk to Bufkin a bit more and even be nice to him. He doesn't know anything more though.

Examine Crane's desk.

Check out the letters on top of the desk. All complaints from fables. It doesn't seem like Crane did much work.

Examine the inbox on the left.

Crane's key from the cheap hotel is found.

If you didn't tell her before Snow will ask again what Bigby found in the room.

Open the drawer of the desk.

Examine the book inside.

A page of the book is torn. Something about a magical ring.

Bluebeard barges in and asks about the development of the investigation.

They will try to send him away but Bluebeard will insist in searching for Crane.

Bluebeard seems convinced that Crane is the killer if you ask him about it.

Everyone will decide where to go from here.

Bluebeard will want to do his own investigation as well. Snow and Bigby can't make him back down.

Bluebeard will go first to the place where Bigby doesn't go.

You will be presented with a choice to which place to go first. You will visit the other places later but things would be changed. Going to Crane's apartment seems like the best option since Bluebeard was so keen on going there first. You will find what you are looking for, no matter where you go.

Bigby arrives at the luxury apartments. Enter room 1903 on the right.