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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 - A Crooked Mile Walkthrough Chapter 5: Happy Thoughts

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Knock on the door.

A kid opens the door.

Like it or not Rachel will have to let the duo in to search the apartment.

Examine each point of interest in the room but it turns out to be a waste of time.

Examine the tree. Rachel tells you that Greenleaf carves trinkets from it.

Examine the closet door.

Someone called the Butcher has been delivering stuff to Greenleaf. A strange symbol is on the box as well.

When you search everything Rachel will want to go to bed.

Just as the group is leaving Bigby will notice the glamour tube.

Rachel will become very upset about the tube. Something isn't right here.

Bigby will open the tube and break the spell.

The magical illusion is lifted. Aunty Greenleaf was Rachel all along.

Greenleaf doesn't want to help.

She seems to be protecting someone else because she is scared of him.

Snow will have enough of Greenleaf's antics and will order Bigby to destroy the magical tree. A decision which will carry over to the next episode.

Greenleaf will fall under the pressure. Crane took a ring with faded magical powers and went to the Pudding n' Pie.

Snow wants the tree to be destroyed even after Greenleaf's cooperation. You can go against her orders though.

Striking a deal with her seems like the better option.