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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 - A Crooked Mile Walkthrough Chapter 6: My Shadow

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Bigby and Snow arrive at the strip club. Georgie will try to slow you down but not for long.

You finally find Crane. He desperately tries to get some information from Nerissa.

He tries to use the ring to break the spell of silence to no avail.

Crane pleads not guilty.

Snow realises that Crane couldn't be behind the murders because he is not 'brave enough'.

It seems like there are more unexplained things now.

Snow officially arrests Crane for fraud.

Now that Crane is going to jail, Snow will take the leading role in the office.

The duo escorts Crane through the back exit of the strip club.

The exits to the street are blocked by cars.

A new character appears. It seems like she wants to get Crane for the Crooked Man.

You are introduced to Bloody Mary.

Bigby doesn't want to let Crane easily.

Mary leaves the brothers to deal with Bigby. Press A to try and dodge.

Bigby can't dodge their shotguns in the narrow alley.

Tap Q to get up.

Hold W to move forward.

Tap Q again.

Keep holding W.

Tap Q. Bigby transforms into a werewolf.

Click the trash container on the left to throw it at them. Then the transformer on the right.

When you grab Dee bash him a few times in the wall.

A few clicks later you will have the option to kill Dum. This choice will have an impact on later episodes.

Mary decides to end the brawl and shoots Bigby in the back with silver bullets.

Mary will slowly walk towards the wounded Bigby. Tapping Q here won't do any good.

Mary is ready to use Woody's special axe to end Bigby's life.

At the last second Snow decides to hand over Crane to save Bigby's life.

Mary asks her boss if the arrangement is good. The Crooked Man is pleased.

Crane goes to the Crooked Man.

Mary leaves Bigby with a broken arm.

Mary says that Crane isn't the killer. That can only mean, she knows who the real killer is.

Nerissa has seen what happened.

A preview of the next episode plays.