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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 - A Crooked Mile Walkthrough Chapter 2: Marching Song

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Bigby arrives at the funeral. Walk forward to find the procession.

Snow is giving a speech at the funeral. You can interrupt her or be polite and wait. In any case you will have to wait for her to finish her speech.

Look at the offering table on your left to kill some time.

You can read the postcards that Lily's friends left for her.

After a short while Snow will end her speech and talk to Bigby.

Holly will be angry again as usual.

Even if you promise to Holly to give her sister's body back (in the previous episode), Crane disposes of the body without Bigby's knowledge.

Picking the 'Crane's a prick.' option will earn you some respect from Grendel.

Jumping to conclusions doesn't seem like a good option.

You finally have a chance to talk to Snow. It's best to just stick to the facts. You don't actually know at this moment if Crane is responsible for any murders.

Snow will ask Bigby if he is sure of his accusations. Showing Snow the photo will make a bigger impact on her.

Snow decides that they should get back to the office first.

Nerissa tells Snow that she has to attend the last part of the funeral. You can insist on leaving but that's just rude.

Nerissa will ask Bigby if he found anything at the hotel. You can tell her directly or be more cryptic about it.

The brothers decide to crash the funeral.

They send Bigby a message. Crane is somehow connected with them.

No matter what Bigby is not shaken by their threats.

The rest of the fables will notice the intruders.

You can reveal to the group what the brothers want to complicate their plans.

Now is too late for talking. Holly and Gren decide to fight the brothers.

Gren grabs one of the brothers. It's up to Bigby to stop the other. Point and click one of the red circles.

Tap Q to try to subdue him. Regrettably Bigby, Gren and Holly get shot and the brothers run away.

The intro to the episode will play.