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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 - In Sheeps Clothing Walkthrough Chapter 5: Piece Together

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Bluebeard is angry about Crane's illegal activities.

Snow asks Bigby what he has discovered so far.

Bigby gives the shard to Bufkin so he can repair the mirror.

Snow sends Bigby to talk to Toad.

You will have to tell Toad that he needs to go to the Farm eventually.

If you took Crane's money before you can help out Toad now. Otherwise you have to send him to the Farm.

The mirror has repaired itself. Now Snow wants to know what happened to Crane.

You will see that Bloody Mary is sending Crane to Paris.

Mary will disrupt the mirror's magic.

You can try to see where the Crooked Man is but Bigby must ask it in rhyme. If you choose not to rhyme Bufkin will ask the question instead.

The mirror reveals the door to the Crooked Man's lair is in Central Park.

You can promise Snow that Bigby won't kill the Crooked Man.