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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 - In Sheeps Clothing Walkthrough Chapter 6: Come Knocking

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Bigby will arrive just in time before the door has changed position again.

Hold W to step through the portal.

Bigby is greeted by a door man.

Tim's only job is to escort people from door to door. He asks Bigby to follow him.

Tim says that he has nothing else to do but work for the Crooked Man.

Tim will fall behind eventually. You can decide to wait for him or just rush in.

You will arrive before the Crooked Man's office. You can listen to the conversation before you go in if you wish. When the conversation ends, Tim will catch up with Bigby eventually and will open the doors anyway.

Bigby enters the lair of the Crooked Man.

The Crooked Man tries to sound welcoming and invites Bigby to talk.

You can decide how to respond to him. Choosing any option will end the episode but the conversation will continue from here in the next episode.