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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 - In Sheeps Clothing Walkthrough Chapter 1: House Call

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Bigby finds himself getting patched up by the doctor after his encounter with Bloody Mary in the previous episode.

The doc tells you to fix your own arm. Click on the broken arm to set the bone in place.

Tap Q to relocate the arm.

Hold W to set it in place.

Bigby won't be able to fix it from first try. Click on the arm again.

Perform the actions again to fix the arm.

The doc tells Bigby that he can't go on like this.

Colin the pig is distracting the doc.

Doctor Swineheart patches up Bigby as best he can and tells him to be more careful.

Snow is concerned about Bigby and asks him how he feels.

Bigby and Snow decide what to do next.

Snow tells Bigby that they have to start doing things the right way.

Colin is surprisingly supportive of Bigby now.

Snow will let Bigby do what he knows best but he must send all unglamoured fables to The Farm on her orders.

You can listen to Snow or assure Colin you won't send him to The Farm.

Nerissa wants to talk to Bigby at his office.

Bigby returns to his office and finds Nerissa waiting for him.

Nerissa saw the big fight in the previous episode.

She wants to try to help Bigby but something prevents her from talking directly.

She tells him that he should watch out for his friends.

Nerissa asks Bigby if he likes her ribbon. He realises the ribbon prevents her from talking. You can try to remove the ribbon but Nerissa will stop you anyway.

She asks Bigby not to tell anyone.

Snow enters the office and Nerissa leaves in a hurry.

The trail leads back to Beauty, so Bigby will go to her apartment and talk to her.