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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 - In Sheeps Clothing Walkthrough Chapter 4: Hard Case

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The Woodsman and Jersey are having a quarrel. Open the gate to get in.

They will get in a fight. Trying to restrain them won't do any good.

Click on a red circle to smash Jersey's head.

The Jersey Devil reveals his true form to fight Bigby.

Help Woody up.

Jersey will jump at Bigby. You have to time your click in just a few seconds here.

Follow the prompts to fight Jersey and dodge his attacks.

The fight will end when Woody finds his stolen axe.

Jersey tells Bigby that the Crooked Man's lair has doors that change their location with magic.

Crane's belongings have been left at the pawn shop.

Examine the pockets of Crane's coat.

You can take some money out of his first pocket.

You will find the missing piece of the magic mirror.

Jersey has a few more things to say before Bigby leaves. You don't need to listen though.

Woody wants Bigby to finish his job.

Woody will walk away. You can ask him what is he going to do be he won't give you a straight answer.