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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 - In Sheeps Clothing Walkthrough Chapter 3: Cut Deep

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Bigby arrives at the butcher shop. Look around and click the poins of interest. If you try to go behind the counter, the butcher will appear.

The butcher will play dumb and try to distract Bigby.

The butcher will go somewhere in the back of the shop. Use the counter to enter.

Bigby will notice the red button the butcher pressed.

Bigby will make his way around the meat in the cold storage. The butcher will be playing dumb still.

The butcher is moving some crates. Bigby finally finds him.

You can surprise him.

The butcher is afraid for his life. Bigby's reputation still follows him around. You can confirm his fears or let him talk peacefully.

He finally reveals that the Crooked Man's people are controlling the place.

The butcher will make excuses for himself. It's up to you if you believe him or not.

Click on the door to open it.

A secret lab is revealed.

Bigby sees the red light and realises the butcher warned the bad guys.

Bigby will have some time to look around.

Bigby sees that Beast was delivering glamours.

Click on the jars.

They are all for the creation of magic potions.

Looking at the chalk board Bigby realises the Crooked Man has many fables in his debt.

The butcher brings up the magic mirror. He will tell you that magic items are pawned at The Lucky Pawn.

Bigby leaves the butcher shop and closes it for business.