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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 - Cry Wolf Walkthrough Chapter 4: Face to Face

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Bigby arrives at the old foundry. Examining the car will reveal that it's still warm. Enter through the door on the right.

Tap Q to break in.

The packages reveal that this is the Crooked Man's place.

Bigby enters the foundry.

You will hear Bloody Mary mock Bigby from the shadows.

Walk forward. The board has pictures of Bigby and some other fables.

The Crooked Man has been spying on everyone.

Keep going forward.

Enter the place on the left.

Examine the work bench.

Bigby finds the place where they are making the silver bullets.

The Crooked Man leaves you to fight his right hand 'man', Bloody Mary.

Time to fight Bloody Mary.

Press the following buttons that appear on the screen in this excruciatingly long QTE (quick time event).

Clicking on the left or right point here will send Bigby in a different part of the foundry to search for Mary.

Mary will reveal her true form eventually. For some reason she attacks Bigby without using her revolver with silver bullets. Maybe her arrogance compels her to test her powers in close combat.

She will split herself into many 'mirror images'.

Bigby will be pinned down by her many images so he will transform himself into his original form of a 'big bad wolf'.

Click on the last image of Mary that falls from the air to end the battle.

Bigby's wolf chomp is too strong for Mary's magic it seems.

Mary lies in pieces on the ground.

Bigby transforms himself to human again and goes up to face the Crooked Man. Clicking on him won't do any good for now.

He wants to be brought back alive to face justice.

The Crooked Man will try every angle to keep himself alive.

He will ask Bigby what he truly is after.

You will have to decide if you want to kill him now or bring him back to be trialed. If you choose 'You're not going anywhere.' you will be asked again what you want to do with him.

If you kill him now, Bigby will bring his body back for the rest of the fables to see but they won't trust him or Snow to run the office.