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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 - Cry Wolf Walkthrough Chapter 2: Out in the Open

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Bigby follows Georgie through the portal. Click on his car.

Tap Q to lift the car up.

Keep tapping Q to chase their car.

Dodge left. The line at the bottom represents the time you have left to chase them. Unless you fail misrably at dodging you have plenty of time.

Go left to step away from the traffic, or up to jump on the truck.

Go right to dodge another car.

And left once again.

Right one more time.

Bust through the door.

Keep holding W when you see the prompt. This will repeat five times until you run out of rooftops.

After the rooftops you will have a very little window of time to choose on which car you want to land. Right one is Georgie's car, left one is Crooked Man's car. They will both escape in any case.

Bigby wakes up on the road transformed back to human after losing the cars.